Independent Poll Shows Bainimarama Government Has Clear Support Majority: Forum Leaders Take Note.

Please note.  I have removed part of the original post, a copy of the Poll's Executive Summary, because it was limiting the number of postings  a page. 
(Wednesday 7th September 2011 No:1722/MOI)HUGE SUPPORT FOR PM BAINIMARAMA – AUST POLL
An  Australian Independent  Opinion Poll  has revealed that Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has overwhelming support from the Fijian  people.

The poll by the Australian think tank, the Lowy Institute also revealed a strong approval rating of 66 per cent for the performance of Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama as Prime Minister.
A similar number (65 per cent) said Fiji was heading in the right direction.

A majority said the Fijian Government was doing a good job at listening to the views of the Fiji people and in delivering key social services such as health, education and transport.

Commenting  on the poll, the Ministry of Information permanent secretary Sharon Smith- Johns said the information by the poll was not surprising because it validated what the Government  had been saying, that it was working for the people,  and its policies were for all people.

“It also validates that the unity of the people of Fiji and of the Government are for all,” Ms Smith-Johns said.

“It also demonstrates the support of the people for this Government and the Government has always said this .”

Ms Smith-Johns said the results of the poll also showed that the Prime Minister Commodore Bainimarama had never wavered from his vision of modernizing Fiji and addressing the needs of all  citizens.

“The independence of the poll,  conducted by a highly reputable  international  agency shows that the results cannot  be overlooked,” she added.

The government’s performance on reducing racial inequalities also rated highly at 67 per cent.
A smaller majority (59 per cent) said the Government was improving the economy and increased  employment opportunities.

Fifty-three per cent said the Fijian Government was doing a good job preparing to draft a new constitution, 52 per cent said the Government was doing a good job making progress towards elections and 51 per cent said the government was doing a good job reforming the electoral system.

For more information please contact the Permanent Secretary  for  Information, Ms Sharon Smith-Johns.


yea yea said…
Well time to lift the PER, bans on unions and the methodist church then ?
FB Supporter said…

You have a background in stats and survey methodology. How representative is this survey ? How much should we read into it.

Also interested to get your thoughts on how helpful having the unions/church/media silenced and under control has helped this government shape the opinions.

Finally based on this do you think the PM plans to stay on as PM. He did promises no one in this government would be involved with the next but that was a long time ago ?

PS - can't yet open the actual posting. Look forward to reading it in detail though. Have you been able to get your hands on what was presented at the MSG ?
Popular but not as popular as Qarase said… to read the full report.

I was interested to read that Qarase enjoyed 73% support in mid 2006. So while no doubt Frank will be boasting about a madate and support from the people it is still less than the previous PM.

No other PM has had the unprecedented power of this one. I wonder if the media restrictions where lifted, unions allowed to speek, churches where allowed to speak etc how that would shape this pole ?

Overall the survey is a win for the PM. Question is will he now ease up a little on his command and control style and let opposing views be allowed ?
Beyond the pale in argument! said…
So, we now may come to understand fully and unequivocally that those who rail from afar, who are not here and who advocate violence that they will not have to suffer themselves, are without validity of argument: just as they were in 2004 and 2005 and in their subversion of the May 2006 elections. They are now increasingly to be seen wearing no clothes and advocates of gratuitous violence.
Anonymous said…
Time for a election then....ooopps that right the PM promised he and his team would not run in an election ! Best not to have one.
Results say said…

I have done some work on emploplyment satisfaction in Fiji with multinational firms. I noted generally much higher "satisfaction" levels generally than other countries across the board. Management is always quick to claim the success vs overseas colleges but the results are always higher despite the changes in managers. Anyway this is still a good result for the PM but I would not be quick to translate this into a approval rating relative to Australia.
Supported as well said…
Huge support for PM Bainimarama.

Even BIGGER SUPPORT for PM Qarase (2006).

That didn't stop PM Bainimarama taking up arms to remove the elected government and ruling for the next 5+ years.

Keep the village handouts going and your guns pointed at media and any opposing view and you may just hit the 70%+ plus range of support !
Jolly jolly said…
I suggest people read the full report. It's positive but not as positive as the spin Mof is putting on it. I also LoL at the idea the Lowey Institute is suddenly now seen as credible !
Sorry Sharon said…
Sorry Sharon only a free and fair election will validate The PM and this government. But first the PER needs to be lifted, free speech needs to be allowed and different opinions encourage....not persecuted.
Anonymous said…
If this validates this government then the previous government was also validated.....
sara'ssista said…
And if the results were not favorable the people of fiji would never know would they! Very political for regime that apparently spurns politics. It appears they just need to be loved, by someone.
0.125% said…
0.125% of the population. Now that is what I would call an absolute majority??
No need for elections then. Keep the PER, keep the military junta rule and sit back and watch the economy grow....something tells me this is a sad fantasy?
Suspect said…
It has now been pointed out that the field work for this study was done by Tebbutt Research. This is listed on the report's final page.

"Fieldwork was conducted by the Tebbutt Research field team in accordance with global best practice."

The owner of Tebbutt Research, Caz Tebbutt, is a very close friend of the Ministry of Info PS Sharon Smith Johns. Anyone who knows Caz or Sharon is well aware of their relationship. Further, Tebbutt Research is a business with very questionable research methodologies which would not be considered best practices globally at all.

At the very least, the relationship between the government and Tebbutt should be acknowledged. The results of this survey are absolutely in question because of it.
sister saras said…
PER should stay till just b4 the election in 2014, or the methos and chiefs will disrupt the election. I will go with a .125% poll as an indication rather than a 101% turnout at a given polling booth, any day.
sara'ssista said…
@ Suspect, what is the bet Croz was aware of this relationship,given his preference to the regime and ability to get his 'sources' to confirm. No disclosure?? oh dear. So would this be similar the Aus Labour party getting on of their own consultants to do reserach for them.. askinfg such question like , would you prefer the ALP or a severe kick in the face???

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