Ignoring, Dismissing, Excusing and Making the Best of a Poll

CENSORSHIP IN FIJI. In an item headed Censorship in Fiji,  ABC's Pacific correspondent Sean Dorney says: "If you lived in Fiji and your only source of information was a single local national newspaper, the Fiji Sun, you would soon believe that Commodore Frank Bainimarama was about the most popular person in the world, an anti-corruption crusader universally revered for his wisdom and for his firm but enlightened rule."

The item mentions trade union concerns, Methodist meetings, the FICAC targeting anti-Bainimarama people; the Engaging the Pacific meeting in Nadi two weeks ago and the Pacific Forum meeting all, of course, in negative terms. But there was not a single mention of the independent Lowy Poll that showed the Bainimarama government in more favourable light. A heading, Censorship in Fiji — and Australia may have been more apt.The poll results have received little mention in the international media.

OTHER REASONS TO DISMISS THE POLL. The anti- blogs tell us that a poll in Libya last month showed Gaddafi with 85% popularity, and in 1937 another poll showed Hitler to be equally popular?

Check out the anti- blogs for other examples of why the Fiji poll on the popularity of the Bainimarama government  must be wrong. And while you're there, check out Ratu Tevita's new take that Bainimarama was behind the 2000 Speight Coup because it was his ambition even then  to become President of Fiji. This really is stretching credibility too far.

WHO ARE WADAN'S UNDER-EDUCATED? Dr Narsey said, "It is ludicrous that the Lowy Institute should use the dubious responses of 1032 ordinary relatively under-educated citizens of Fiji, to place pressure on the Australian Government to change its foreign policy stance on Fiji. Or to pressure the Forum countries to do the same."

Democracies do not weight votes by a person's educational qualifications but, for the record, this is the education status of those polled: no formal education 2%, primary school 11%, middle high (10-11 years) 13%, upper high (12-13 years) 32%, technical or trade school 21%, some university 14%, university degree 7%.   Wadan, over one-half had 12 or more years schooling, and 21% some university education.

LOWY DIRECTOR ON THE POLL. Interviewer: "How do you think this survey should be interpreted by the leaders attending the Pacific Islands Forum in Auckland?" Jenny Hayward Jones: "It's the first time that the Fiji people have had a proper voice since the abrogation of the constitution in Fiji in 2009. I think Forum leaders need to take some notice of it. I think they need to acknowledge that this is the voice of the Fiji people being expressed for the first time and some of the findings may not particularly suit the cause of the Forum but others might." To see or listen to the whole interview, .click here.

LOWY DIRECTOR'S POST-POLL REFLECTIONS. Those disappointed with the results should apparently  take some comfort from some of the results but it never occurred to me that the ordinary people of  Fiji did not want a democracy. The questions in my mind have always been about the type of democracy advocated by by the so-called pro-democracy lobby, and whether 2014 will produce a more genuine democracy than existed up to  2006.

But enough of the Poll ...

REVEALING COMMENT FROM MARK MANNING ON COUP4.5. Mark's opinions are well reported by the anti- blogs, but I'm surprised they published this one. Of course they are not racists! "Indians in Fiji are such a mixed up race of people. Perhaps it stems from their class system or their deities and fake Gods."

JOHN KEY ON 2014. My PM seems to have  accepted the 2014 election time frame, which is good, but he has other requirements, some of which I doubt will be met.

McCULLY ON THE NATION.  Interview on a range of topics.  A clear expression of NZ's position. Click here.


Go Croz! said…
Spot on in every sense, Croz. Sean Dorney is a disgrace. I haven't seen one word from him on the Lowy poll. Also, what a great one in the eye for Wadan Narsey. Who's the smart one, Wadan-you-go-and-do-something-useful-for-once? Your average Joe in Fiji stupid? Well, he sure knows an idiot when he sees one.

Talking about idiots, why even give Mark Manning oxygen. He's a lowly Sydney nurse who knows nothing about the reality in Fiji except what's fed to him by his equally stupid kaivata in the so-called pro-democracy movement. A complete viavialevu and like them, a racist nobody.Though for some reason, Fijian yalewas find him attractive. Weird.
Biased Media said…
Australian and NZ media are biased. They seem to support the concept of democracy, human rights and freedom of speech and assembly rather than the concept of the brave new world that has been unfolding in Fiji for a couple of years. Shame on them! They should start to print the view of the Fiji regime rather than pointing out the minor flaws of Mr Bainimarama and his merry band of soldiers who rule the country by the gun.
lies damn lies and statistics said…
If I was Frank and co I would be concerned by the poll results. Frank was given a 70% approval rating on the back of 2.5 years of slavish and positive media attention. There has been no questioning of his policies, no debate just a continuous stream of Frank you are doing a great job.

If there was any open debate we would see his approval rate plummet as the people of Fiji realized they are being lied to on a daily basis.

The results that really shocked me was that one quarter of the people polled had the guts to tell a stranger they did not think Bainimarama was doing a good job. That is over 250 very brave people.

In conversations around Suva people are very careful about what they say in front of strangers. Take me for example if I do not know who I am talking to I never say anything about Bainimarama, the AG and the government. But in a private conversation with trusted people the conversation is completely different.

Tebbut and the Lowy institute can stand by their poll. But if they really believe that people living in a country with total media censorship and political intimidation answered the questions honestly then please ask yourselves if you live in the real world.
sara'ssista said…
I would supect we will start printing the view of the fijian regime when they allow the freedom to publish alternative views in their own media.

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