Former Forum official says organisation needs to resolve Fiji situation

A former senior Pacific Islands Forum official says the regional organisation will not achieve anything until it resolves the situation with Fiji.

Roman Grynberg was the Forum’s director of economic governance, and is now working in Africa.

Fiji has been suspended from the Forum since May 2009, and has been excluded from talks on the PACER PLUS regional trade deal.

Mr Grynberg says Fiji is the elephant in the room at Forum meetings.

“Pacer plus can not go forward, anything to do with integration can not go forward, without including Fiji. It becomes a patent nonsense, and it becomes obvious once officials in canberra and Wellington start thinking about it. So until that matter is resolved, I honestly don’t see how the forum will be capable of saying very much.”

Roman Grynberg says it seems nobody has the will to find a solution to the Fiji issue.

Former Forum official says organisation needs to resolve Fiji situation: Posted at 19:26 on 28 August, 2011 UTC 


Anonymous said…
lucky he wasn't asked to comment on the MSG - it has delievered even less ! Noting the bench mark is not very high the MSG is nothing but a regional talk fest and good opportunity for golf.
sara'ssista said…
yes well pacer only advantages fiji's neighbours and fiji, Aus and NZ could relly care less, so feel free to take all the time you want. As ususal, there is no benefit for Aus and NZ but plenty of 'outstretched palms' wanting their share....There is some suggestion that Aus and NZ are frustrated and in some sort of hurry. I doubt it.
No contract said…
I now clearly understand why he didn't get his contract renewed. Out of his depth?

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