Engaging with the Pacific Meeting: Several Items

Representatives from Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Nauru, Marshall Islands, Kiribati, French Polynesia, the Kanaks of New Caledonia, Tonga, Timor Leste and the Federated States of Micronesia are satisfied with the progress Fiji has made.

Ma'afu says Tonga still supports Fiji and wants it back in the  Pacific Forum.  Liker most of the Pacific, he said, Tonga needs Fiji.  He hopes to start talks on the trade of agricultural products before he returns home.

Government has reassured members of Pacific Islands Developing States (PIDS) at the 2nd Engaging with the Pacific meeting that the General Elections 2014 is definitely going ahead as promised.  Link. Bainimarama told the meeting:

"In the lead up to the September 2014 elections for parliamentary representation, my Government has and will focus on lifting the living standards of all Fijians, providing the trajectory to sustained economic growth, modernising our laws, removing systemic corruption, improving access of a common and equal citizenry and ensuring that the new constitution will enshrine the values and practice of one person one vote and give effect to true representative governance," Commodore Bainimarama said. He said the People's Charter for Change, approved by nearly 65 per cent of the Fijian population, was the guiding principle for the policy formulation of his Government.

He revealed that the charter also provided the fundamental principles for the new Fijian Constitution.

Commodore Bainimarama explained that the People's Charter was the result of consultations that took place through the National Council of Building a better Fiji which consisted primarily of representatives from non-governmental sector.

The meeting continues today and will end with the special Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) for leaders.


The tiny islands of Tuvalu have called on the region to have more engagements to discuss issues affecting the region, says the Prime Minister of Tuvalu, Hon Willie Telavi.

He said issues such as climate change, drug and human trafficking and trade among others need to be tackled in collaboration with each other.

“All countries in the region face similar challenges and we need more engagements among the Pacific Islands,” Hon Telavi said.

“More engagement means more sharing of knowledge and information on issues among the Pacific Small Islands Developing States (PSIDS). 

Hon Talevi is in the country leading the Tuvalu delegation at the Engaging with the Pacific Meeting at the Tanoa International Hotel in Nadi. The theme of the meeting is: ‘Strengthening Partnership Among Pacific SIDS’.

 Asked if the Engaging with the Pacific meeting was useful, he replied: “I think it is a very important ground for all Pacific SIDS because we need to voice our challenges and concerns together”.“This way there will not only be more cooperation but more understanding of each other’s situation and also learning from one another,” the Tuvalu Prime Minister said.

“Fiji and Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama must be commended for initiating talks last year.”

He commended Fiji for playing the lead role in highlighting issues affecting PSIDS and bringing together Pacific SIDS.

Friday 2nd September 2011, No:1675 /MOI) WE WILL WAIT FOR MCG: TUVALU
Tuvalu wants to see Fiji back in the Pacific Islands Forum but does not want to be caught in the cross fire of the Pacific Islands Forum.

So Fiji will await for the Ministerial Contact Group (MCG) to mend the relations between the two parties.

Tuvalu’s Prime Minister Hon. Willie Telavi, who will be attending the Pacific Islands Forum meeting in New Zealand next week, says they will await the report of the MCG before commenting further.

“Right now the MCG is working on behalf of the forum and is having discussions with Fiji on having Fiji back in the fold,” Hon Telavi said.


But what about said…
How the crack down any alternate views and the continued use of decree to restrict freedoms be a "progress" towards elections ?

How can the PM talk about the charter and peoples support for it and then blindly ignore large parts of it. ? His government is not in any way transparent. He does what he wants, pays himself what he wants and stomps on anyone with a alternate view.
Well done said…
Well done PM you have shown your might and power around a few small countries and the great fence sitter (PNG). How is the way you try and control the MSG any different to the way AU/NZ act in the forum.
yea yea said…
I would be very interested in what the actual PM said at the meeting. What exactly has changed since the last meeting. As far as I can see the main changes have been decree's to restrict union activity and a much tougher approach to the PER.

It sure does not feel like we are any closer inclusive dialogue. The courts have shown signs of being independant but the PM and his team are not shy in using police/military/ficac to pursue, intimidate and scare off any one with a alternate view.
Question said…
Maybe Frank told them all how much he is paying himself and they all decided they wanted to get a little bit of the action ?

Being more serious, what would you highlight as the significant progress made since the last meeting Croz ?
Anonymous said…
It is nice to know Ma'afu supports Fiji and wants to talk about agricultural products. We want to talk to you about something too, it is called "extradition", "harbouring/aiding and abetting a fugitive/criminal/human rights abuser/embezeller", "violating Fijian territorial waters" etc.
Anonymous said…
John Key Accepts 2014 Election Time Frame:

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