Official Song for Flying Fijians: Whatever the Result, Fiji Will be Proud of You

FHL Launches Official Song for Flying Fijians

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Government on Friday teamed up with the Fiji Rugby Union, Fijian Holdings Limited and renowned artist Steve Macomber to launch what is expected to be a big morale boost for the Flying Fiji rugby team to the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand that starts in three week's time.

The song reflects commitment and support for the team by all parties involved,  and is a display of patriotic enthusiasm, usually reserved for porting tournaments.

Speaking at the Launch, PM Bainimarama said that government will always support the sporting fraternity, especially rugby. He thanked the team for its sacrifices, hard training, and doing everything possible to prepare for what lies ahead,  being going on to say:
“Nothing unites this country like sport and especially rugby. The people of Fiji will always be behind our boys who will take on the might of the world on the rugby field.
"Fijians throughout the world will be watching the game, that’s for sure. We will either win or lose. Either way, every TV set in the nation will be tuned into the Rugby World Cup and we'll all be cheering on the team.
"On the rugby field everyone is equal and that is this government's vision, a united Fiji for all.
"My message to our boys to the World Cup is simple. Play with all your heart and all your strength and whether you win or lose, Fiji will always be proud of you.”
-- Based on No:1593/MO


Ropate Leka said…
We need a new anthem too - "Land of freedom, hope and glory" - doesn't apply here in Fiji at present - even the "hope" is pushing it.
Anonymous said…
Lots of things don't apply in Fiji right now Ropate!

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