Fiji issue at the Forum? Democracy is a ‘done deal’ in the Pacific, says Key

Click on the link � Fiji issue at the forum? Democracy is a ‘done deal’ in the Pacific, says Key


Increasingly irrelevant said…
I think in the view of many, Fiji under the military junta is becoming increasingly irrelevant? The only things coming out of the junta in recent times is hot air, rhetoric and bleating. Recently a very high delegation from the US had critical meetings with every Pacific island state except Fiji. USAID was considering opening an office in Suva - that will now go to PNG.
The military junta has indicated its desire to go north - good - the sooner the better. It is all becoming far too boring.
Anonymous said…
Totally agree with the above comment. How many delegations and approaches of dialogue with the regime have been rebuffed since 2006 and yet the same tired old line trotted out by frank is that nobody understands Fiji or is prepared to listen.

The fact of the matter is that the regime is not capable of dialogue or alternative points of view. Only the gullible or feeble minded still believe that a free and fair election will be held in 2014.

The Pacific Forum has far more important and pressing items to discuss. Regime members can go sit under the mango tree and discuss the next wave of chinese colonisation until the cows come home for all I care.
Anonymous said…
The mango tree already has the Chiefs sitting under it, enjoying the home brew !!!

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