World Cup Shattered Dreams

This story by TV3. Note also the comments.   Click on the link below.

Jul 3 - Shattered Dreams - Stories - Story Archive - 60 Minutes - Shows - TV3


Build a Bridge said…
This indicates to me that the sanctions against the military regime are working well. Build a bridge and move on.
Thank you NZ. Thumbs up for freedom.
Je Geniko said…
@Build a bridge

I'm sorry but how is that particular sanction working well? I do not think FB is bringing forward the elections, is he? Isn't that what NZ/Aus want?

Yes rugby is Fiji's national game but the poorly thought out sanction is not the be all end allhe junta will still be around after the RWC.
Build a bridge said…
Good. Then we both agree so no more whinging about the sanctions. Otherwise, as I very clearly stated, build a bridge and move on.
And I also agree that the RWC will be around long after the junta has reached its used by date.

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