Lies Undermine Country: PM and A-G Respond to Anthony Accusations

Certain People are Undermining the Country: PM

The Prime Minister says there are certain individuals that are currently undermining the country however most Fijians are loyal to Fiji’s new vision.

Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama made these comments while officially launching the “Fijian Made and Buy Fijian Campaign” last night in Suva.

He said some people are currently overseas trying to do things that would affect the Fijian economy but he said majority of the Fijians do not support this move.

Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has called on the Australian and NZ trade unions to speak to the Fijian Government on the realities on the ground rather than listening to some local trade unionists who want to threaten the Fijian tourism industry and the economy.

Meanwhile Commodore Bainimarama has called on everyone to support Fiji made products.

He said the campaign compliments government’s policy of growing the economy, creating new employment and providing incentives to all Fijian producers.

A-G Slams Union 'Lies'

The Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, has strongly criticised local trade unionists who he says are behind a move by their Australian counterparts to hit Fiji’s tourism industry. Mr Sayed-Khaiyum’s comments came as the Australian Transport Workers’ Union warned holidaymakers heading to Fiji to expect disruptions, with threats not to fuel or load or unload flights.
He said the unfortunate thing about this statement was that the Australian union was not aware of the on-the-ground reality in Fij:
This is because, he said, they were being fed lies by people like Felix Anthony, Rajeshwar Singh, Daniel Urai, Parmod Rae and Attar Singh, all political opportunists.
“I urge the unions who are making this threat to fully understand and not just see one side. They need to talk to the Government about what is happening in Fiji,” Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said.
“If you look at the history of all these unionists, they have all been career trade unionists so their motivation in defending so-called workers rights is very questionable,” he said in Suva last night.
He said for example the decree approved by Cabinet in respect of excluding the application of the Employment Regulations Promulgation to civil servants was primarily to improve efficiency, to stop double dipping.
He said there was no way that civil servants were being exploited.
“The Bainimarama government has in fact said that the conditions of the workers must be improved. At the same time we need to carry out reforms within our economy and various institutions to be able to provide sustainable jobs, to be able to ensure that government owned enterprises become profitable and that we can create more jobs,” Mr Sayed-Khayium said.
Mr Sayed-Khayium said these unionists only want to be in the area lucrative for them such as the civil service, government-owned companies and companies that has the Government as a shareholder.
He said they are absent in the low wage earners such as garment industry, printing, building, mining, security guards industries where the Government has increased workers’ pay in 2008, 2009 and 2011.
Australian Transport Workers Union national secretary Tony Sheldon warned their members would refuse to load or unload planes and won’t refuel planes operated by Qantas, Air Pacific and Jetstar, which are flying to and from Fiji.
He said anyone who is flying to Fiji is propping up the Government through tourism and should cancel their trips and consider their obligations as Pacific residents.
Mr Sheldon said the Australian Transport Workers Union would talk with unions in New Zealand shortly and expects workers in New Zealand will be as outraged as his members.
“The unionists are always being obstructionist and the Bainimarama government has not to date disallowed any collective bargaining, it has not banned trade unions and this government says we must look after our workers,” said Mr Sayed-Khaiyum.

Source writer : Losalini Rasoqosoqo Fiji Sun


But what about said…
Interesting that the PM and AG had no problems with this lot when they where supporting the coup, government and enjoying lucrative board positions. If they have always been political optimists then government was a fool to appoint so many other poorly made appointments and they the PM and AG should admit as much.
Solutions perhaps said…
It's easy to throw the 'liar' tag around. I could go to town on the PM for his very very public lies and broken promises. Perhaps the AG could consider some sort of engagement with the unions. Yes the likes of Anthony have a poor track record but the better man would look for solutions not conflict.
Dogie said…
Union leaders in a corner and fighting for their jobs. Everyone knows that is what it is about not people. They where silent when enjoying the spoils of the coup.
Anonymous said…
...of course the current PM spent years undermining the previous government and eventually tossed them out. I'm not a fan of these union oportunists but now you know how it feels to be undermined AG & PM.
Slam Slam said…
I would love the opportunity to "SLAM the PM for his LIES" but sadly the PER does not allow that. It is a concern that the likes of the AG can come out swinging but no one can come out against him or his government thanks to a PER. The biggest concern is they are starting to think this situation is normal and are very very sensitive to critics.
yea yea said…
How nice to be a member of government and be able to lash out at whoever you want knowing they are never aloud to do the same and knowing you are accountable to know one.

If there is a election and if (breaking all promises) the PM & AG run and are elected and if some sort of free press is returned these guys are in for a horrible shock !
Quoi. Faire? said…
But folly has been the outstanding hallmark of all governments in Fiji for more than twenty years. Nothing has been learned of substance. Folly upon folly leading to......?
Real said…
Lies are the basis of this government is perhaps a more accurate heading.
fester fester said…
Sorry but I don't think this government is in any position to lecture us on "lies" or "mandate".

As time ticks on by I'm starting to think they actually beleive themselves. Government as spouted many many lies and the only mandate they have is a armed military force.

I'm not saying these unionists add any value or are not in it for themeselves but lets be clear, they do have a mandate and can be removed from their positions. We can't say the same for this government.
Anonymous said…
Just reading the Fiji media. Talk about self censored to please the master (Fb & AG). They are running the full response from government but only snippets from these unionists.

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