CCF Calls For Amicable Solution To Govt/Unions Stand-Off.

MEDIA RELEASE 20th July, 2011

The Citizens’ Constitutional Forum is concerned with the tactics applied through the Trans
Tasman Trade Unions to hijack the Tourism Industry for early Fiji elections.

The threats by the Australian and New Zealand Trade Unions to enforce travel bans and
boycott flights to Fiji, in pursuit of speedy elections are punitive actions that will only derail
the gains made through the processes of dialogue and jeopardize the current stated road map.

CCF however, maintains its stand for speeding up the processes of preparation for election in
September 2014.

This means immediate credible steps must be taken by the Bainimarama Government in
support for its continued public statements that free, fair elections will be held in 2014 after a
constitution is drawn up beginning in 2012.

The CCF believes that a home grown solution is needed and calls on the Prime Minister to
address the nation and tell the people what steps will be implemented to restore democratic
rule. The people need to know what role they will have to play in formulating the constitution
under which the next elections are to be conducted. This should include processes, timelines for constituency boundaries, voter registration, electoral rolls. Such steps would give
credibility to the process and allay fears.

This is essential as any actions which will impact the tourism industry, will inevitably affect
the lives of the struggling Fijian and the trade unions must reconsider any sanctions or bans
which will drag more people into poverty.

The CCF calls on all parties in the current impasse to adopt a pragmatic approach to resolve
the issue with the welfare and future of the ordinary citizens in mind. This can only be
achieved through open and unrestricted dialogue

To facilitate this dialogue, the CCF again urges the authorities to remove the Public
Emergency Regulations and allow people to voice their concerns and fears. This will allow
the State machinery to address issues which are important to the people.


Reverend Akuila Yabaki


sara'ssista said…
why should australian unions care less about a fijian military regime roadmap?? They should have taken these very measures from the very beginning of this military regime and it would have folded in months like a deck of cards.
Anonymous said…
All reasonable suggestions Rev but when was the last time this government listed to you ? Or anyone ?
Board fees said…
Government is starting to get a bit too clever. They have leaked the fees union leaders received on government appointed boards including fnpf to the media to discredit them. Problem is they (government) where the ones who appointed them and would have approved the board fees.n also it makes you ask how much all the military people are receiving for the boards they sit on. I'm pretty sure it will be the same as what these unionists received.
Proud fijian said…

The current government is probably more astute then both Australia and New Zealand.

So it is not a deck of cards.

Within 24 hours of making threats in the papers Air Pacific is able to secure an injuction on the the threats.

Within the same time frame a cease and desist letter to the NZ counterpart of the Australian TWU.

I should say that the government has excellent advisors working behind the scenes. Its like watching a game of chess with excellent moves by the governemnt to protect its national interest and those of its Citizens.

All you're interested in 'folding up of this government' - you don't actually care about its citizens.

Shame on you.

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