Unholy Alliance on Fij

The photo that tell: Fraenkel, Lal, Kaitani at FDFM meeting
Read what Graham Davis has to say about the Canberra FDFM meeting, Ratu Tevita's speech, the role of Dr Jon Fraenkel and Prof Brij Lal, and the  interesting participation of Simione Kaitani, former minister in the Qarase SDL government and more than just an active participant in the Speight Coup of 2000.


Too stupid for words said…
Croz, what were these guys thinking posing with Kaitani? Everyone in Fiji knows this guy was one of the baddies of 2000. What I don't get is why Frankael and Lal are allowed to do this kind of thing when they have jobs in the Australian public service.Why should Australians for pay them to agitate against Fiji? They are not just part time media commentators now but SDL activists. Crazy.
A man beyond the Shades said…
There is nothing whatsoever 'interesting' about Simione Kaitani nor his 'participation' in anything. A man who chose to meet with the British Heir to the Throne (and the Royal representative of HM The Queen at Independence Day in 1970), HRH Prince Charles, with trodden down and unpolished sandals (possibly of Brazilian provenance). A man who habitually shields himself from any member of the public (even in conversation) by the habitual wearing of Haitian-style "shades". Almost certainly someone who has not been held to account for the terrorist acts of hostage-taking at gunpoint, raping and pillaging in May 2000. Are the Australian taxpayers happy with such co-habitors? What does the Australian Prime Minister propose to do about him and others like him?
Anonymous said…

Can you publish Tevita Ului's cv - his academic background, what schools he attended, his grades and employment experience. What do the elders of Lau, in particular Lakeba, think of him now ? Is he being used by the Fiji Democracy Movement ? Could members of the movement have been behind his escape ?
Tevita Mara said…
CV for Mara as follows:

University in Australia - Failed
Joined Military - Failed
Tried to overthrow the government - Failed
Charged with sedition
Fled to Tonga - Success
Joined the SDL movement
Speaker for democracy - Poor turnout of a handful of people so - Failed
Pretends to do this for the people but we see right through him so - Failed
Abandoned his country of birth - success
Uses his fathers name to gain votes -HUGE FAILURE
Mara the SDL puppet said…
I wish to thank Tevita Mara for setting the record straight, I was of the understanding he wanted Fiji to return to democracy, however I was wrong.

He is now the SDL puppet and is sprouting their raced based politics and shaking the hands of people like Kaitani, who incidentally stabbed his father in the back.

Now that he has shown his hand we can all get back to what we were doing because this idiot would do anything to save his own skin.
Ha ha ha! said…
This wasn't a rally. This was more like a small afternoon tea party, judging from this photo. What a joke! Couldn't they have roped in some stray Ukrainians to make up the numbers? They look about as dangerous to the government as a handful of old women. They'd have done better not to allow any photos at all.
Anonymous said…
@ Ha Ha Ha

A handful of old women with PhDs can be dangerous to any government if they're not on side. With his cv Tevita Mara's potential to endanger the Fiji government has been grossly overrated by some.
Seizure said…
Having gotten nowhere in their stand against Fiji, Australia and NZ have seized on Tevita Ului to lend substance to their entrenched view as evidence of some achievement. Fiji should play it cool instead of getting all hot and bothered. Bullies hate being ignored.
RB said…
The duplicity of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs is beyond belief - or rather is it running true to form? First Brig T Mara is one of the bad guys unwelcome in Aus. at any time. Then he jumps ship under unbelievable circumstances and stays with Tongan nobility. Morphing into Mr David Mara, he is issued with an Australian visa and welcomed by the Canberra clique as the guiding light for the restoration of the 1997 Fiji Constitution. Watch for the next exciting chapter in this resurrection of one of Fiji's previous bad guys.
Anonymous said…
I just don't get it. Croz you are so upset that anyone would stand next to Kaitani because of his involvement in the 2000 coup yet you want everyone (in fact every country) to stand with Frank who's involvement in the 2006 coup is without doubt.

This idea that all old coups are band and only this coup is good has gone on too long. Fiji will move forward only when all those behind ALL coups including 2006 are doing time behind bars.

You can't fix a wrong with another wrong (two wrongs don't make a right) and you can't fix a coup culture with another coup.
The Fiefdom of SOC in Lau said…
How unimaginative of this small group of people who have obviously failed to see themselves as others see them in this photograph? Perhaps they ought now to consider the Serious Organised Crime purported connection of the their Chief Guest? Did they even think of it? Almost certainly not. Their focus has been quite elsewhere.
Anonymous said…
I wonder if Mara's unimpressive CV (LOL)will score him a research fellowship at the ANU with his mate Baledrokadroka?

Fraenkel and Lal are a big part of the problem not part of the solution.
Delusion of Grandeau said…
Bula Croz, such strange bedfellows, my grandmother use to say you end up where you belong i.e. Lal, Frankael & Kaitani no difference there! All barking from the sideline just like the rest of the tired old farts in the other picture who turned up to hear a "top idiot" speak. This picture reminds me of the time Tupeni Baba & Atu Bain were literally glued to MPC's hip - how time has changed that relationship. Well we are certainly in for interesting times bring on the 2014 elections!

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