Thumbs Up. What a Good Idea

 Ratu Tevita continues to use slick marketing practices to promote his views, but still fails to produce the documentary evidence he promised to support them. What he is giving us is a daily trickle of information, appeals to the emotional and many repeats. He now says he'll release his own Roadmap in a few weeks. Why the wait?  Keeping an audience waiting in anticipation is another marketing technique.

But he is heeding these famous words of Joseph Goebbels: “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.

Phrases like "return to democracy," "my beloved Fiji," "illegal regime,"   "sick Bainimarama,"  "scheming Sayed-Khaiyum."  One can only wonder who  is directing these up market flows.  He was never so erudite before. I wonder also who's paying for all this, and the costs of his intended Pacific tour.  Advertising doesn't come cheap.

His latest marketing gimmick is a thumb up sign if you want   —wait for it—  a return to "democracy" that includes restoring the power of the Great Council of Chiefs and the political power of the Methodist Church.  

For those who are not taken in by this appeal to a warped, race-based democracy; who, despite some doubts and misgivings, see more hope in the Roadmap, a new constitution, electoral reform and elections in 2014,  I'd suggest we also use the thumb up sign. 

So, to echo Ratu Tevita: "Fellow Citizens Who Want Democracy, I want to ask you all to do one small thing for me. Whenever you meet your friends, your family and your colleagues I want you to give a “thumbs up for Democracy”.

This blog urges you to follow his advice and whenever you meet your friends, your relatives and your colleagues — give them a "thumbs up for a better and fairer Fiji."   Ratu Tevita launched the thumbs up campaign. Let's join him. Spread the news.


go fiji said…
GREAT.. I give Frank the thumbs up. Go democracy
Thumbs up said…
I am seeing everyone around town doing the thumbs up, Croz its amazing, they are saying 'Thumbs up for Frank' even the kids are doing it.
Pro Frank said…
Croz, This will really catch on, the 'thumbs up frank' idea is great, we all support frank so doing the thumbs up for him is fantastic. what a great idea to show our support of the government.
Thumbs up mum said…
I just watched a taxi driver do the thumbs up, he yelled out the window.. go fiji go..
Thumbs up for Democracy said…
Dear Croz,

Even for you that is a bit rich to ask RUM to publish his roadmap immediately.

I know you found the Bainimarama roadmap but it was only 2 weeks ago. You have stated many times that you had asked the Government for a copy on numerous occasions and they could not produce it. It seems that even the Government did not know it existed.

Perhaps RUM wants to consult with the many organizations wanting Fiji to return to democracy.
Croz Walsh said…
@ Thumbs up... I was not attacking his delay but its likely cause. With regards to the Govt Roadmap. True, I wanted it published but I never doubted its existence on general content. Are you equally confident about what it will really mean if, having learnt nothing from history, you get a "return to democracy," or did you approve of how things were under the Qarase regime?
Thumbs Up for Democracy said…

I think I have given you an equally plausible reason for the delay of 2 weeks. As neither of us are talking to RUM, at least I definitely am not and I assume you are not, we cannot know for sure the reason he is waiting 2 weeks to publish a roadmap.

You may never have doubted there was a Bainimarama roadmap, but no one was given access to it for over 2 years. I have no doubt RUM has a roadmap and we will see it in 2 weeks. I won’t rush to judgment on what will be in it because having waited 4.5 years I can wait another 2 weeks.

You refer to his marketing as Goebbels like by making a few key points and keep repeating them. The same is undoubtedly true of Sharon, Bainimarama’s spin Meister. If you are going to attack the way RUM’s message is being presented please do the same for Frank’s message.

The one thing the Frank supporters always say is. Do you want to go back to Qarase. When the coup happened I would have said definitely not.

But now after 4.5 years of Frank, Qarase does not look too bad.

We had freedom of speech

We had a free media

We had Govt borrowing of only $250m per annum not the current $500m+

We had growth in the economy

We had a sugar industry of 330,000 tonnes per annum not the paltry 130,000 tonnes of today

We had an FNPF that was paying out 15% returns

We had reducing poverty levels

We had democracy (However imperfect) instead of a dictatorship

We could have removed Qarase by now in an election. We have to wait for 2014 for Frank. But we do not know for sure there will be an election, we have no idea of the constitution. You are putting a lot of a faith in a man who has reneged on 2 election dates already.

We do know the constitution will be forced on us without a proper debate. You will argue this point but look at everything else done by the dictator.

So please get off your high horse. Instead of believing everything Sharon says come to Fiji and meet the people and find out for yourself what we really think.
Anonymous said…
Dear Croz,

I am no fan of Ratu Mara but lets be fair here on the tactics. They are no better than that of coup master himself.

Rad your quote again - "It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.” - then think about the messages coming from government.

1. We must Move Fiji forward (little evidence it has moved forward)

2. Had to have a coup to remove the corruption of past government (no government minister found guilty yet)

3. Following the Presidents mandate and Peoples charter.

If Ratu continues to attract attention it is likely to be the same people who have mindlessly believed Franks messages todate.
rc said…
@ thumbs up

Well said. I agree.

Croz - your bias is starting to blind you.
Croz Walsh said…
@ thumbs up ... You answered my question. After 4½ years of Frank, Qarase doesn't look too bad. If you and others with similar views were as critical of Fiji under Qarase as I am of Fiji under Bainimarama, there may never have been a coup. You speak 4½ years too late and even now come up with nothing but praise for how things were under Qarase. Really!
Croz Walsh said…
@ rc ... My biases as you call them are spelt out in the Aims/Publisher tab. Read them. What are your biases?
Thumbs Up for Democracy said…

I don't think I praised Qarase.

What I said was "The one thing the Frank supporters always say is. Do you want to go back to Qarase. When the coup happened I would have said definitely not.

But now after 4.5 years of Frank, Qarase does not look too bad."

I did not think Qarase was a good or succesful PM.

But after 4.5 years of Frank he does not look so bad.

That is more about the appalling job Frank has done running the country and less to do with Qarase's success.

To be honest I never want to see either of them in a position of authority ever again.
One thumb UP & One thumb DOWN said…

Sooo much more inventive!


ONE THUMB DOWN for the corruption and swashbucklers who have raided the State coffers and the FNPF and converted it to their own and their families' and cronies' benefit.

I PAID A BRIBE - new website in India said…
NOW HERE IS ANOTHER GOOD IDEA and it comes from India (not from Coup 4.5 website).

I PAID A BRIBE website

encourages all who have paid bribes to "spill the beans". How much? To whom? When? Where?

Indian Police Forces are encouraging this. It is also being seen as "THE SECOND FREEDOM MOVEMENT FOR INDIA"

We can see how that might be? Corruption is another form of slavery.

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