Proposed Constitutional Commission Needs to be Representative

It's great news that work on the new Constitution has begun, well over six months ahead of  the Roadmap schedule.  I fully support this CCF release,  and would add this is where Australia and NZ could also add their support, by helping finance dialogue in Fiji and by providing constitutional legal and drafting assistance -- Croz Walsh.

The Citizens' Constitutional Forum welcomes the call by the National Peoples Charter Advisory Council to establish a Constitutional Commission as soon as possible to start the process of constitutional development.

The Charter Advisory Council, in its report handed to the Prime Minister’s Office in early May has recommended that the process of formulating the Constitution needs to be fast tracked as work has been limited so far. The report also reaffirms the significance of the review of the electoral process and deciding on what voting system to adopt in 2014.

“We acknowledge the findings of the Council Report which for the first time has made it known to everyone the need to hasten the processes required to formulate the constitution, which would also outline the new electoral system under which the 2014general elections are to be conducted,” says CCF Chief Executive Officer Reverend Akuila Yabaki.

“This has now also opened the door for all stakeholders to put aside their differences and step forward to be part of this historic process. It is critically important for the composition of the proposed Constitution Commission to be inclusive and representative, engaging all relevant stakeholders and civil society organizations. Fiji's constitution must be focused on ending the coup culture, eradicating race based policies and raced based voting, and reflect the diversity of the Fiji people.”

The CCF stresses that by allowing wide participation and inclusive dialogue on the Constitution, which is the highest law of the land, would mean that it would ultimately be a document for the people and by the people of Fiji,” stated Reverend Yabaki.


Coercive Dialogue said…
Dialogue with the regime compliant and guns at the head of those who will not tolerate coercion and intimidation, is not dialogue - and it certainly is not the will of the people. I am a citizen and the CCF does NOT represent my views.
Collaborator said…
It is good to see the positive side of the Rokoului effect.

The regime feels so under pressure they have brought forward the Constitutional Commission by 6 months.

Thanks Colonel Mara

sara'ssista said…
surely fiji's regime can avail themselves of 'finance and drafting assistance' from thier close friends the chinese government. I say keep looking north until we see the detail of exactly who will be consulted (or not) and who will be protected and gain from this talkfest.
Lets get going said…
This sounds very sensible. Any chance we can get a copy of the report ? I don't think there would be a argument from anyone (pro or anti government) to start this process earlier. There is no downside and given the nature of dates and deadlines 'slipping' in the Pacific everyone should get behind it. Finally why does a committee need to ask permission from the PM - why not just start the work. Early or even on time would be a first for this government.

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