Nadarivadu Hydro Dam


At a time when global oil prices are scorching high and reserves decreasing experts say a country like Fiji which depend on its diesel generators for power must turn to renewable energy as the best solution.Fiji’s fuel importation bill is the highest component within the nation’s import bill.

A Chinese expert says Fiji has the capacity to tap into renewable energy, which is the best solution given our rich resources which could contribute not only towards a greener and cleaner environment but also help reduce our reliance on fossil fuel.

“Fiji is rich in water resources and should tap into this resource to reduce the fuel import bill,” Sinohydro Corporation project manager Hu Zhan Jun told the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama on his visit there yesterday.
“The source of energy for hydro is just from rainfall and river which is free, clean and renewable. Both the Fiji Electricity Authority and Sinohydro  believe more hydropower projects can be built around the country to this end to replace the diesel energy producing in next few years would be the best choice for Fiji Government.”

The new Nadarivatu Hydro is being constructed at a cost of around $300 million which was made available through a soft loan from China. -- Source No:1141/MOI.


Anonymous said…
Ian Simpson Taveuni
There have been different numbers banied about by FEA re capacity of this project. The range is from 13 mgw to 44 mgw.
So which is it. From the look of that creek and the size of the lake behind it I tend towards FEA's figure of 13 mgw's at contant usage, maybe a few hours a day at 44 mgws.
$300m is over the top for 13mgws. PM should look into the dealings by FEA on this one, especialy if there are to be future projects through this building and funding source.
Considering the African Violet problem in Tailevu FEA should consider a biogas project there to kill 2 birds with one stone.
From weeds to cash, win win.

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