Frankly, this is a road to ruin for Fiji

Frankly, this is a road to ruin for Fiji. � Fiji Today FijiTodays Open Forum Blog

By Michael Field with elements of truth. Take your pick. At least he sees Ratu Tevita Mara for what he is. Thanks Fiji Today for this.


Anonymous said…
Just read this over at FijiToday and wondered if you would run it given you love (not) of Field.

I reckon this time he is on the money. Tevita and friends are not a solution. Tevita could have influenced things differently for the last 4 years but did nothing.

Fiji's best hope is election in 2014 and a orderly withdrawal of the military between now and then. Unfortunately the PM has nothing to win in this plan and everything to lose. He could end up in jail and he knows it.

Maybe he should flee as well and do us all a favour.
Gutter Press said…
Not often I would write this about Michael Field’s articles but this time he’s absolutely spot on. Whether or not the next coup succeeds is neither here nor there – it’s certainly being hatched, and there’s a concomitant sense of vague unease being engendered by the recent plethora of roadblocks.

It remains to be seen if there is sufficient support for such action to be a credible threat or if the present government has the support to see it off. Either way, this will be a more practical test of the government’s popularity than any Gallup poll.

I only hope that one side – whichever one - has overwhelming support since the worst possible scenario would be a even split of support between the antagonists.

The wishful thinkers that will no doubt raise their strident voices about this article have no place here since it’s impossible to say at the moment which way things might go.

I agree with Anonymous 3:23 that Fiji's best hope is election in 2014 and an orderly withdrawal of the military between now and then. And, going one step further, a referendum on the need for a military should be the first item on the newly elected government's agenda.
What the #&*! said…
Well, Michael, congratulations. You've driven a big wedge through the pro-democracy movement and Tevita Mara's campaign. Satisfied? I thought you hated Bainimarama and wanted him gone. Now you destroy the only person remotely capable of getting rid of him.
Now I really do agree with Croz and I never, ever thought that would happen. You really are a total fraud.
Anonymous said…
This piece makes me feel sick. There is no hope. None.
Compus Mentis said…
So, who is briefing Field? For once he seems to make a certain sense of a lot of nonsense? In the Land of Nincompoops the Compus Mentis reign. Is MF now "One of Us"?
All shook up said…
I can't work out what Michael Field wants. He doesn't want Frank. He doesn't want Tevita and Jone. What does he want? I know, an early election contested by able civilians.But how do you get Frank and the terrible duo out of the way? The is the problem with Field. Yes, the military has to get out of the way. But how do you achieve that? This is the intellectual wasteland where there are no ready answers. So best to oppose everyone. Very helpful Michael. Why not just back the notion of an election in 2014. It's the only feasible option now so why not get behind it?You're right, these other two guys are wolves in sheep's clothing. Better the devil you know than two devils you don't. But at least Field has done us all a service by puncturing the fantasy that these two would be any better. Pro-democracy? No, just the usual opportunism and self interest. And the GCC and the Methodist Church back on their pedestals. No thanks.
Truth said…
Field is stating the obvious: Another colonel with an overinflated ego and limited intellectual capacity believes that he is Fiji's saviour. There is only one way for Fiji to become a better place: Disband the RFMF. It is a totally unproductive and very expensive body who has done nothing since 87 but to hold Fiji's development back.

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