CCF Release: Concern about Growing Racism

Racism rears its ugly Head!
Click here to download. It should only take a second or so.


Honi soit qui mal y pense said…
There are now universal norms of conduct which apply to racism and to all who use racism as a political weapon. We shall NEVER tolerate them being wielded again in Fiji. All who are paid from the Public Purse need to be reminded of this. You live and work and are paid in a unitary. state. Your duties and obligations are to the Nation and to the safety and full security of all members of the State regardless of age, gender, clan affiliations and religion. You may speak in many tongues: by your actions you WILL be judged. If you associate yourself with rogues and scoundrels- you shall be brought to face the courts and in those courts you shall speak the Truth. May God have mercy on you. Honi soit qui mal y pense.
Cold reality unmasked said…
So the so-called pro- democracy movement is now revealed in it's real colours in the hard light of day. Not a pretty sight. Pure racism and political greed and opportunism. But who are the co- offenders who manipulate from shores afar?
A Chameleon unmasked... said…
@ The Cold reality unmasked:

One of them is speaking now on Radio NZ: Rajesh Singh. An arch-opportunist politician if ever there was one? Remunerated by tired taxpayers despite changing his party allegiance as often as a chameleon changes its coat. He sits on the wall, one of a Cabinet of 36 Ministers and Assistant Ministers of State in 2006: a travesty of proper governance and financial probity.
Croz Walsh said…
@ A Chameleon .. See my item about Rajesh Singh on today's NEWS (7.5.11) for more about his career.

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