Yabaki Certain Elections in 2014

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In an interview with Radio NZ yesterday,  Citizens'  Constitutional Forum CEO, Rev. Akuila Yabaki, spoken positively  about the planned new constitution and said he is certain elections will be held in 2014. 

Among the proposals likely to be in the new constitution, he mentioned voting to take place  on one day, getting rid of race-based voting, and reducing the voting age to 18 years.


Who is regime spokesperson said…
Now that Sharon Smith Johns has mysteriously disappeared is Yabaki now the spokesperson for the regime? Perhaps he can get us a copy of the elusive 'roadmap'?
Who is regime spokesperson said…
Now that Sharon Smith Johns has mysteriously disappeared is Yabaki now the spokesperson for the regime? Perhaps he can get us a copy of the elusive 'roadmap'?
Kumala Vula said…

Fijians want Elections now not 2014 when Dictator Frank and his side kick Khaiyum would have emptied the State coffers and fled to somewhere with no extradition treaty with Fiji.

Yabaki is a known Frank supporter and sits idly by as the people of Fiji suffer from the ruthless regime run by the Dictator Frank. The sooner you and the Reverend wake up to this the better.

Go on Roko Ului, help boot out the Dictator and give Fiji back to the people.
Croz Walsh said…
@ Kumala Vula ... So. You know what "Fijians" want.. You know that Rev Yabaki is a known Frank supporter. You know that Fiji should be given "back to the people."

Keep writing. You help inform my readers on where much of the opposition to Government is coming from: from one group of ethnic Fijians (many living overseas) who think they are the only ones with the right to decide the future of a multi-cultural country,i.e., supporters of the racist policies of the deposed SDL government. Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, a Fijian, who advocated multi-culturalism, must be turning in his grave. And be more than a little puzzled at his younger son's behaviour.
Back to the people said…
Are you suggesting that Fiji should not be given back to the people? What gives you the right to speak on behalf of Fijians who have had the right to vote, and the right to freedom, removed now for 4 years by an unelected regime with guns?
Don't give up said…
You beat me to it Croz.

It amazes me how bloggers want to put everyone into a neat box of coup supporter or anti government.

Any one who has read Rev Yabaki's comments and press statements will know he has been highly critical of many aspects of this military government. He wants a true democracy. Yes he is careful in what he says because locked up or silenced he will be not useful to anyone. Actually its amazing he has not been taken up to barricks and a credit to him in very difficult times.

And for those who want to box Croz in as pro-coup or a Frank supporter i suggest you take a read of the aims tab at the top of the home page. Their is enough critism in there that he would definately had a trip of two to barracks if he was a Fiji citizen.

Lets not label people in these simple terms. I for one am not a supporter of this or any coup but I can say I agree with some of the out comes and some of what is being achieved. I beleive Frank will have to face the courts some time in the future for acoup just like Speight did but shouting about that now will only entrench him further. I will back good ideas from any side of the fence and since realisticly I'm stuck with Frank I will try and influence when I have a chance. I didn't and don't support the coup but I am sure going to do what I can to make sure the outcome is better for everyone.
Don't give up said…
The statement below does not sound like a yes man or blind promoter of Frank. It's it taken from this site as I mentioned before.

"My most common criticisms concern the inadequacy of its explanations to the Fiji public; its failure to release the Roadmap, Strategic Framework for Change, Auditor-General's and similar reports; its failure to consult with and include more civilians in decision-making, most particularly with responsible groups such as the Citizen's Constitutional Forum; its failure to immediately or progressively lift the Public Emergency Regulations; its failure to advance the Roadmap process by starting inclusive dialogue on constitutional and electoral reform now, instead of leaving it to 2012; its (to me, unwise and unnecessary) knee-jerk overreactions to opposition and contrary opinions; and its inflexible diplomatic showings with the international community. It will be difficult, if not impossible, to build a genuine, inclusive democratic if Government does not show itself more sensitive to these criticisms."
Yabaki's election promise said…
With Yabaki's election promise for 2014, can he guarantee they will be free and fair without any intimidation or vote buying (as we are now seeing) from the military regime?
Croz Walsh said…
@ Yabaki's election promise ... This is a fair question. But I hope you do not mean to imply that intimidation and vote buying were not practised in the 2001 and 2006 elections. Remember the threats of "blood" if Chaudhry's FLP were re-elected, and the Agricultural scam that used taxpayer money to buy tools agricultural tools to buy votes.
I suggest you email the Rev Yabaki and ask about his promise?

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