UN Ambassadors Informed on MSG Summit and Fiji

Fiji Ambassador Peter Thomson and staff
Ambassadors from more than 50 countries have been told in New York that the Melanesian Spearhead Summit has recognised Fiji’s Strategic Framework for Change, Roadmap for Democracy and Economy Reform Agenda as a “credible home-grown development agenda for Fiji”.

The missions of the four Melanesian member states of the United Nations held a joint reception in New York this week to share with other UN member states the outcome of the MSG Summit in Fiji.

Fiji Ambassador in New York Peter Thomson said the joint reception had been organised in order to inform UN member states about the MSG and about outcomes of the Fiji Summit.

He said that the MSG was a regional group that aimed at progress in the international community and for that reason embraced transparency. Leaders from Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Fiji, and the FLNKS of New Caledonia agreed to take up to the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders and the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting that there is a need to remain engaged with Fiji. The MSG leaders said this should be done in the effort to implement the Strategic Framework for Change and the Roadmap to return Fiji to genuinely democratic elections in September 2014.


Anonymous said…
Credible and homegrown maybe but lets not forget that no one in Fiji other than government has actually sighted the "roadmap" yet. If it does exist (other than a speach in 2009) why does this government not release it or at least a decent summary of it and commentary about it. If the MSG have not seen this detail then how dare they go on and on about how they support it ?
BS said…
compHere we go again, more BS about a roadmap no one has seen. Why does this governemnt continue protending and why does the MSG buy it ?
Lost without a map said…
Peter is a considered and articulate guy.

Croz, Since Peter is busy selling the MSG's endorsement of the roadmap perhaps you could ask him to give us a summary of the roadmap ?

It's amazing we have the MSG supporting the roadmap and now people out selling that endorsement to the international community yet NO ONE HAD SEEN THE ACTUAL ROADMAP !!!!!!!!

Unless of course the roadmap is a small peice of paper that say "we will have elections in 2014 but we won't do anything about it until 2012 and will solve it all by 2013 ready for a election in 2014"

That's not a roadmap and not credible. It may well be home grown though so at least the MSG got it part right.
Anonymous said…
Seriously Mr Walsh how can anyone believe anything when this nonsense about a roadmap continues.
who's who said…
Pardon my ignorance but isn't the People's Charter 'the' roadmap ? If an actual map is being sought, try the Operations Room of the RFMF.

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