Massive Naboro Prison Breakout: Coup 4.5 Again

The following is the sort of mischievous nonsense CoupFourPointFive continues to feed to its readers.  The item was published on the fourth of April, prior to the announced Suva manoeuvres of the RFMF when the President was in Vuda and the PM was preparing for his Indonesia trip.

"Sources say prisoners at Naboro maximum security are being moved because of a massive  breakout rumor. Prison officers are said to have been working overtime in the last week to move prisoners to other locations.

"A prison officer has told us they were directed to empty the maximum prison because the army will also be carrying out mass arrests very soon and that all political prisoners will be kept at Naboro.  It's believed allocation has been made for 50 prisoners and that they may include:

1) Former SDL ministers, 2) FLP members, 3)Trade Unionsts, 4) Ex Army and Police Officers, 5) Youth leaders, 6) And a few chiefs.

"The rumoured breakout, if it happened would be a major threat, of course, to the illegal government of Frank Bainimarama.

"Intel sources believe there is a very strong possibility the 300 3FIR soldiers deployed just today have only been chosen from Tailevu/Naitasiri areas, allowing Brainimarama to build his inner circle.

"Attempts are being made to access the list of 300 and to establish if there is a trend at play.  Intel sources also continue to relay there is a possibility the converging of so many soldiers in Suva will allow the dictator to remove the illegal President, Epeli Nailatikau, and detain anyone who tries to move against him." 

Note:  Sounds authentic, doesn't it.  But what responsible editor  would publish  a "rumour" passed on by the "Intel sources" with the hard evidence  limited to — " Prison officers who are "said" to be working overtime. — A prison officer "told us" about the mass arrests. — "It's believed [prison space] allocations" have been made for those arrested who "may include" SDL ministers    — "Intel sources believe there is a very strong possibility" ...removal of the President.   The editor seems also to have not seen an important contradiction in the story:. Didn't he wonder why the prison cells were being cleared to make room for the new political prisoners  when they have already been vacated due to the massive breakout?

Does Coupfourpointfive  really believes what it publishes?  Or it is being conned by its famed intel(ligence) sources?  Or doesn't the truth really matter so long as its readers believe what it prublishes?


Fan of a Free Fiji said…
Why do you care so much about Coup 4.5?

It's like you have a personal vendetta against the site. Yes, the spew nonsense. Great.
You spew a lot of nonsense on the other side of spectrum.

There's probably more truth in your reporting but it's still a perspective when all is said and done.

At the end of the day, the absence of a democratically elected government is ALL THAT MATTERS in Fiji. Everything else is just rubbish.
Croz Walsh said…
@ Fan ... To discredit those who deliberately spread misinformation. Coup4.5 is no longer the honest and reasonable blog of its founders. I do not think the future democratic governnent of which you write is well served by the likes and tactics of Coup4.5.
Anonymous said…
The PM himself also spews alot of rubbish...

"Mandate given by the president"
"I was forced to take over governemt"
"No military person will benefit from this coup"
"The constitution is the ultimate rule of law"
"I will lift the PER once the media decree is in place"
"No one in the interim government will be able to contest the next election"

...and probably

"election in 2014"
Proud Fijian said…
Was talking to a Fijian friend today and he was saying that Bainimarama had tried to release George Speight straight after the coup 2006.

Apparently Bainimarama went to gaol and Speight was supposed to have given him the finger "Nope I am staying right here". He said he heard this from Church on Sunday.

C4.5 is just the same. They say they have intels and i think one of them is on trial for predicting that tsunami.

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