China Helps Reduce Livestock Feed Dependence

Fiji’s dependence on imported feed for its ducks, goats, pigs and cattle will end later in the year when, thanks to Chinese assistance, the country will operate its first feed mill at Koronivia Research Station between Suva and Nausori.  This will mean that in times of drought and flooding, feed in store will be able to feed the country’s livestock. At such times imported feed can make up more than half the cost of operating farms.   The mill will process  local agricultural waste and by-products such as refuse from municipal markets and sugar cane tops and turn it into feed pellets. Source: Xinhua. This is another example of an infrastructural development that is part of the Roadmap.  The map itself may not have been published (as countless readers have pointed out and which, in my opinion, it should have been) but the route that is being followed is crystal clear.  


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