Cheerful Headings from the Anti-Bloggers: Have a Happy Week

Baring teeth smileCoup2006 (Sai Lealea, Wellington). ♥ Sign petition to UN and stop Abusive Fiji Military ♥ Fiji dictator and son free riding it at Hong Kong Sevens (from Coup4.5)  ♥ Illegal PM orders officials on to FBC for talkback – what a joke! ♥ Illegal regime to appoint seven new magistrates  ♥ Sister of QEB Goon waiting for New Zealand visa (from Coup4.5) ♥ Patel and Mau handed prison sentences ♥ Illegal regime cabinet approves money grabbing infringement notice ♥  Rewa’s Bose Vanua to make final decision as illegal threatens stance
Smile with tongue outCoupFourPointFive (team, Auckland).  ♥ Easter bunny free ride (to Hong Kong Sevens) ♥ ‘New police uniform will make us laughing stock’ ♥ Sister of QEB Goon waiting for New Zealand visa ♥ Magistrates quit citing ‘personal reasons’
Winking smileFiji Today (‘Peter Firkins’ and team, Fiji?).   ♥ Permanent Secretary for sugar, Manaqsa Vaniqi talks up confidence in sugar ♥ Suva City Council forces businesses to get trading permit at 24 hrs notice, Small man with big power syndrome strikes again   ♥ Taxi operators going broke! ♥ Additional US$20million  loan from China hidden in the small print  ♥ Cane farmers to start 2011-12 season $6m in debt  ♥ A loaf of bread under Fijian price control 
Be right backMy Blog. Meanwhile, there’s been a spike of anti-government comments on my blog that some have interpreted as a sign of dwindling support for the Government.  You can choose to believe this if you wish, but all it actually shows is that more anti-bloggers have chosen to use Easter to  comment on the blog.  Before someone asks, I hasten to add that I have no idea  how pro-government readers spent their Easter — but I doubt this is of any political relevance either.  To paraphrase Aristotle,  one (or two) swallows do not a summer make, whichever way they are flying.


One or two swallows said…
The dictator Gaddafi said the same thing about one or two missiles missiles - howenver it would seem many of his collaborators and gutless military are being 'evaporated'!! A good outcome for dictators and their collaborators. Oh, and bye bye Mr Kilman - 16 weeks - you did well!!
Anonymous said…
Don't worry Croz we know your support will not fall no matter what happens. 2014, 2020, 2024...I'm sure the military will be doing a wonderful job and you will be right behind them
The Moral Low Ground? said…
The most memorable remark made by Colonel Gaddafi in the past few weeks was when he said this in an interview with BBC's Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen:

"You don't understand; you don't understand".

Actually, the Colonel was correct. The West did not understand the dimensions of what was unravelling. But they are beginning to now! Wherever we may position ourselves in this fight to the death, we need to fully grasp the inadequacy and hypocrisy of the West's 'take' on those they armed and empowered for their own benefit and to the utter disempowerment and subjugation of millions - especially Arab women. What moral authority resides in the Western Powers after their years of gain through the profligate provision of arms and heavy weapons? This is not defending the "Moral High Ground". It is an expose of the "Moral Low Ground" they have occupied in the Middle East for forty years.

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