Announcement. Blog to Change. Ideas Wanted

Blog to Change Style and Presentation.  Your Ideas Wanted

I will be making a number of changes to the blog over the next week or so, and would welcome your comments and suggestions on the changes and other ways we can made a better blog.

Much of the information previously shown in the sidebars has been transferred to the tabs underneath the blog description. The labels under postings (which provide an index in the left sidebar) will probably go. I doubt many people use the labels/index; it is easier to use Search this Blog. Only the current Quote for the Week will be retained.  The blog title and description will be revamped.  I'll have to keep 'Croz Walsh's Blog' in the title  but I thought of changing the rest of the title to 'Go Fiji' or something similar. The present posting schedule will be replaced by daily links to news items.  The present numbering system will be abandoned.

Changes will also be made with the arrangement of  content. NEWS items will appear as they have today (just the main point and a link). Older NEWS will be transferred to the end of the blog where they will be less obtrusive but still accessible. My COMMENTS (news item plus brief comment), OPINIONS (more substantial items), and the occasional EDITORIAL and FEATURE ARTICLES will be published in the main body of the blog.  WEEKEND READING (generally longer items) will be retained, and, of course, readers' comments will continue to be welcomed on all postings.

I also expect to have more people contributing both items — and comments.


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