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N0243. TWO FISH BUT NO FIVE LOAVES. With most of Fiji's population living in coast areas and with many people and communities reliant on marine resources for their livelihood, many inshore areas are overfished.

A two fish and five loaves miracle cannot be expected but USP marine scientists are beginning to make a difference.  They are helping people manage and restore the productivity of some of the 300-odd customary fishing grounds (qoliqoli) set up as tabu or locally-managed areas, and many communities are beginning to witness the benefits. Elsewhere, in the 70% of the inshore area that is not managed, destructive fishing methods continue to be used. Some government intervention may be necessary.

N0244. MISUSE OF LEASE LAND. Government intends to closely monitor the use of land leased by the 17,000 leaseholders on State land. This follows concerns about land being taken out of agricultural use; some $20m outstanding in unpaid rents; and breached lease conditions that could amount to $100m.
Unscrupulous practices include obtaining bank mortgages on the pretext of land development and the subsequent sale of leases for a quick profit; the misuse of foreshore development leases  by making claims to significantly higher development costs than have been undertaken, and irregularities in subleasing and lease transfers.

Government is particularly concerned about the conversion of agricultural because this could affect  agricultural exports, food security and the size of the country's food import bill.

The Ministry of Lands will now thoroughly scrutinise all consents for mortgages and land transfers, devise — in consultation with other stakeholders —  a strategy to better manage and protect the remaining agricultural land, and possibly impose a moratorium to help protect agricultural lands and also allow Government to consider on a case-by-case basis the need to convert agricultural land for other purposes like tourism, commercial and residential development. -- Based on Fiji Times.

N0245. TURNERS AND GROWERS. The NZ fresh produce company  will open a distribution centre with cool chain facilities for both imported and exported produce in Suva next week. The facility will improve the supply chain for suppliers and customers.  The Fiji fruit and vegetable market is worth about $25 million a year to NZ. One hopes the Fiji authorities will made full use of the new facility to increase Fiji's fruit and vegetable exports to NZ and have them arrive in good condition.

N0246. ANNOUNCEMENT. The PACIFIC MEDIA CENTRE/Watch elist will be ending later this month when the Association of Progressive Communications (APC) server is discontinued. Make sure you add the Pacific Media Centre RSS niusfeeds to your Google Live Bookmarks:

Full PMC niusfeed: http://www.pmc.aut.ac.nz/rss.xml
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We have established a new Mailman list for Pacific Media Watch at AUT University, but this will only be used for some news alerts, notices and special reports in future. All existing PMW subscribers have been added to that list: Pacific_media_watch_list@aut.ac.nz


Sloane Ranger said…
"Approved funds/committed funds" - Matters of Corporate Governance:

Now we are finding out during how many years about those Corporate Board members who were versed in corporate governance and those who were apparently not? The most give-away response from any board member or employee is this: "Oh, I don't know". But if you are paid by taxpayers money to know, what then?

All taxpaying members of the Fiji Public have the right to ask now: what were such people doing on any board: public or private? One person whose name is now widely known, sat on ten boards, chaired three. That of itself is a sign of absolute corruption and nepotim at work. It ought never to have occurred and we must now ask the next BIG QUESTION: Who authorised this? Who permitted this? Who paid for it all? This last is clear: WE PAID FOR IT - ALL OF IT. Taxpayers of Fiji Inc. How silly of us!
The Overtime Scam at CAAF 1997/98 said…
Further to Sloan Ranger's remark on corporate governance:

In late 1997 and early 1998, an inquiry was initiated at Nadi Airport within CAAF by the then Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism, late Hon David Pickering. During that enquiry which continued over a period of two months, a variety of persons were investigated and a Hansard-style verbatim record was kept. Is it not interesting to note that more than one person, paid by public money at that time, insisted they "did not know"? They were paid to know. In fact, their evidence that they did not know inculpated them. This has gone on for far too long. Such people must be told: "We pay you TO KNOW and we pay you to tell the truth". The enquiry into the alleged Overtime Scam at CAAF in 1997/98 was never completed. But the record of the enquiry remains. It is very revealing and shows that not much has changed between then and 2011.
Never too late ..... said…
The Overtime Scam at CAAF....

A further point of interest and of high importance with regard to the Report of the Inquiry at CAAF is that the amount of money "scammed" was approaching F$3m - although it had not feen forensically accounted for. The names of all those investigated and questioned are known. Who now is prepared to come forward? Who received this overtime? How was it audited? And by whom?

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