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The Tongan Elections

by Crosbie Walsh
When I lived in Tonga nearly 50 years ago, parliament comprised 7 nobles representing 33 nobles,  7 elected commoners representing about 25-30,000 adults, and a Cabinet of 8 which including the Prime Minister, appointed by the much loved Queen Salote.

I doubt many people were concerned about this inequality.  Nuku'alofa was barely urban. There was little industry or commerce. Most people were subsistence or semi-subsistence farmers. Few Tongans had been educated overseas and overseas communities were small.  There was a weekly Heron flight to Fiji but most overseas travel was by the Tofua or Hifofua that took five days to get to New Zealand.  There was a weekly foolscap-size government broadsheet but no newspapers and one government-owned radio station.

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.
Shocking Accident
The story of the class-seven boy who accidentally strangled himself with a belt is shocking. More shocking is the fact that there are other incidents when young boys have accidentally strangled themselves while playing with their belts. What is even more shocking is why and how they used what happened in a move to do what they did.

We need to tell the public that it could be  Autoerotic Strangulation.  Its something that is depicted in the movies and I am still in shock from reading the article. We teach our kids all the best and how they should look after themselves physically, morally, mentally and religiously, yet the ills of man still find their way into our lives and a lif…

Lockington's "New Year" Honours List

We will soon say goodbye to 2010 and welcome 2011. Some of us may make resolutions and some may just carry on with their lives. A lot of people have contributed to rebuilding our beloved country and moved on with their lives despite the hardships. Here is a list of people whom I thought were worthy of a mention in my humble list. For sure your list may differ from mine because we see things differently, but here goes. The list is (almost) alphabetical. 

Methodist Division Urges Full Support for Government, Links to Other Stories

The Methodist Church of Fiji Indian Division is urging the people of Fiji to lend their full support to the government to make peace and progress in Fiji.

In his new year’s message the Church Indian Divisional Superintendent-Reverend William Lucas says government is fully committed to bring peace by bringing multiracialism in Fiji.

Reverend Lucas says one of the best resolution people can make for the new year is to work towards peace, harmony and stability by supporting the government.

He also says parents should try and spend more quality time at home with their families as many times children are neglected by elders at home.

Reverend Lucas says no amount of domestic violence and fighting in homes could bring peace in a family and everyone must ensure that the coming new year is kept free of abusive and assault incidents.


PSA SAYS 2010 A GOOD YEAR. Charter goals on track.

RATU ILOILO TURNS 90. Born 28 December 1920, and still going.


Christmas Dilemma by Allen Lockington

The confusion regarding Christmas and its public holiday took an unusual twist for my relatives in Suva. They had decided well before hand to just pay a restaurant to cook and supply various dishes of their choice for their Christmas lunch. During the week they contacted the restaurant to check if things were going well and they were given a  positive report.  Then we were told that shops would be opened on Saturday and that it would be a normal working day because the Christmas holiday was on Monday. This was fair enough, from a business point of view.