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PM's Christmas Message

COMMODORE JOSAIA VOREQE BAINIMARAMA CF (Mil), OStJ, MSD, jssc, psc Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Strategic Planning, National Development and Statistics, Public Service, People’s Charter for Change and Progress, Information, i Taukei Affairs, Provincial Development and Multi-Ethnic Affairs and Sugar Industry


I extend to all Fijians a happy and joyous Christmas as we again celebrate and commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.
Christmas is principally a time for families, friends, loved ones and those less fortunate to come together in a spirit of sharing, caring and love for one another.
It is also a time to spread the message and best wishes of love, harmony and peace.
I believe this is also the time for all of us, irrespective of our beliefs, to focus on our similarities.
Christmas in Fiji instills in all of us its wonderful sense of celebration, sharing and forgiveness.  It is the most cherished religious event in the Christian calendar,…

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.

A Chance to Reform
Judge Paul Madigan of the Lautoka high court has given a Joseva Soqila time to spend with his family after he suspended his 12 month jail term. Soqila tried to break into the Shop and Save Supermarket but was caught when the alarm was triggered. Justice Madigan has given the man time to get his act together and in six months time Soqila will return to see how he will spend the second six months.

I was fascinated with this article in that the accused has 21 previous convictions  in the last ten years with drugs, violence and alcohol, home invasion of premises belonging to others, mostly minor since then. What a way to go Justice Madigan. In the past people like Soqila would have…

Wikileaks on Fiji from 1 Nov 2006

My thanks to Scoop for the leaks on Fiji,  Their website has a bigger list on NZ leaks generally.

7. WikiLeaks: NZ officials somewhat pessimistic on Fiji 21 December 2010 10:21am | Wikileaks
November 30, 2006. GNZ officials remain positive about yesterday’s talks in Wellington between Fiji PM Qarase and Commodore Frank Bainimarama, and say the PM now has a chance to win hearts and minds to his cause. But they say they believe a coup is … More

6. WikiLeaks: GNZ says Fiji talks constructive 21 December 2010 10:20am | Wikileaks
November 29, 2006. GNZ says Fiji talks constructive but is taking no chances. Fiji Prime Minister Qarase and Commodore Bainimarama today met for two and a quarter hours at Government House in Wellington. New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and … More

5. WikiLeaks: GNZ hosts Fiji’s Qarase and Bainimarama for talks 21 December 2010 10:18am | Wikileaks
November 28, 2006. In a meeting with Bainimarama on November 27, New Zealand’s Foreign Minister won his agreement …

Melanesian "Missing Link"

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A Prayer for Fiji, Thank you for the Best Wishes and Brickbats

Hello folks, An old Suva schoolmate kindly sent me the words of a prayer he found in his father's effects. If anyone knows exactly who penned these simple yet moving words, or where they were distributed, we would love to know. He thinks his brother may have got them from the Anglican church he attended in Suva, but that is just a guess.

The prayer was circulated in 1970 as Fiji moved to Independence. It contains hopeful and ambitious sentiments that I am sure everyone in Fiji would have said "Amen" to at the time, and probably still would.

Sadly, as we all now know, there were, and still are, many whose hearts were not in the words, however pious their expressions as they intoned them and said their AMEN or EMENI at the end. At this troubled time, though, the words are worth looking at again, and really taken to heart. -- Rod Ewins

A Prayer for Fiji Almighty God, whose way is in the sea and whose paths are in the great waters, we ask you to bless our country as it prepare…

China's Friendship, Methodist One by One, Tourism Up, Govt Number Plates, Public Service Reviews, UPNG

CHINA STEADY AND STEADFAST FRIEND. A 34-member Chinese delegation led by State Councilor of the State Council Madame Liu Yandong, stopped over at Nadi and met FM  Ratu Inoke Kubuabola with is on its way from Beijing to South America on Monday.  The delegation included senior officials and support staff from the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Education, Science and Technology, Finance and the Research Office of the State Council. Ratu  Inoke said China has been our true and steadfast friend, especially in times when its support was needed the most. He said Fiji always welcomed and encouraged visits of foreign government leaders and senior officials of our development partners including the People’s Republic of China so that they could understand and acknowledge Fiji’s efforts towards its reform process. -- Based on  2010, No: 2224/MOI.

  Methodist church Deputy GenSec Rev Tevita Banivanua says two political figures will no longer be able to preach together.  H…

Military Corporate Plan, Police, NZ's Pacific Policy, Trees and Renewable Energy, More Wikileaks

ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME. Cde Bainimarama has made an announcement that's sure to be misinterpreted by his detractors overseas. "The military", he said, "are now working towards finalising a corporate plan that will guide how we will integrate our roles into the Charter.” The corporate plan will help guide the military to align its activities with those of the People’s Charter for Change, Peace and Progress, and so assist the Charter's implementation. This is the RFMF’s first-ever corporate plan. Why and why now, it will be asked. There is a simple answer.

All government ministries, departments and agencies now have corporate plans, each with targets aligned to implementing the Charter, and regular meetings are held with the Strategic Framework for Change committee to report on progress. In this way coordination is promoted and all branches of government are held accountable. The military corporate plan is merely the last card in the pack.

In making the announce…

Charter Progress Yes But, Country in Deep Debt, Garment Exports, Wadan N's 'Disappearance,' Touché

PROGRESS ON CHARTER PILLARS BUT ...Earlier in the month representatives of ministries, departments and agencies reported to the National People's Charter Advisory Council (NPCAC) on their progress on implementing the eleven Charter pillars. Council chairman Josefa Serulagilagi said that the council had had six meetings, deliberating on tasks assigned to it in terms of monitoring progress on Charter provisions.

“We have made steady progress throughout the year and have been successful in ensuring that relevant pillars of the charter are well integrated into the work programme activities of Government and also to ensure there is greater level of ownership by ordinary members of the public in the implementation of the Charter.”

He said the Charter was a very powerful document that was fully integrated in government’s Roadmap for Democracy and Sustainable Economic Development and as such is of significant assistance in our quest for building an inclusive and a prosperous Fiji. -- Base…

Roads, Water, Roadmap; Australian Leaks, Forum Threatened; Economy Surviving, NZ 'Spying,' Solomon MOU, Hi Oprah

SCROLL DOWN TO WEEKEND READING. QUOTE FOR THE WEEK Loyalty to petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul.-- Mark Twain (1835-1910). See right sidebar.
IF I HAD A THOUSAND TONGUES. It may be boring to town dwellers who've never had to walk ten k lugging a 30kg basket of dalo but the opening of the new 10km Lagi Nukusere road that branches off from the main Dogotuki highway to link isolated districts of Udu in Macuata and Tawake in Cakaudrove is a big event for those concerned. It will save them a ten kilometre walk to the nearest bus and a boat trip to the Labasa market and hospital that could cost up to $400. Government is hoping its $850,000 investment will increase productivity and the marketing of farm produce.

Lorosio Qiriyamo, the 84-year old leader of the Yavusa Lagi, said for a long time he’d seen the struggles of his people. “If I have a thousand tongues they will all just thank the investment the Government has made here.” -- Based on 2010, No:2205/MOI

Blitz on Radio NZ International for Continuing Biased Reporting

ADB (and RADIO NZI) ON THE FIJI ECONOMY. Once upon a time RadioNZI made some attempt to report news of Fiji objectively but for some time now it has only been publishing negative news, or news that can be construed negatively.  If you don't believe me, check out their website for their reports on Fiji and compare with those on other Pacific Island countries. 

Their latest is  a report from the Asia Development Bank that the economy "is trapped on a low growth path despite an overall economic benefit to the Pacific region from a gradual global recovery and firm finances in Australia."

Highlighted are low private investment caused by government actions (localisation of the news media, price controls and the Fiji Water saga — all of which were reported on negatively by the overseas media and so were at least partly caused by them!) and the fact that Fiji is spending more than it earns. So is New Zealand.  To reinforce the negatives, th…