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Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

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♦ Why the West Is Losing the Pacific to China & ... Everyone Else ♦  Fr Kevin Barr on the Wages Councils ♦  Why We Need Good Leaders by Sudarsan Kant
♦  Full text of the 2011 Budget Address & link to FijiTV's video coverage
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Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.

School Zoning
Schools zoning is a brilliant idea. All students who live within two kilometers of the “home school” are to attend that school. There are many benefits and the money saved on transport will also help poor families.

Interestingly, if there are three secondary schools in a zone and one is top notch, the top school will be inundated with applications, rather unfortunately exposing the u…

Why the West Is Losing the Pacific to China, the Arab League, and Just About Everyone Else

By Cleo Paskal, Associate Fellow, Royal Institute of International Affairs
A reader writes: "This is a first class analysis. She says 'In these changing times, if one weakens one's allies one weakens oneself.'  Oh yes. How absolutely insightful. One of the most succinct and best pieces of analysis to come up concerning the plight of the Pacific Island Nations caused in large part by foreign policy postures towards them. Why is this so late in coming from Western allies and partners? Is it because the Pacific is once again a front line".  Yes, it is. Cannot be plainer than that. And it is there to be lost because too many were looking the other way. Now the just and reasonable concerns of the Pacific Island Nations are cultivating attention. Not before time. 'The more attention, the betterer' as we say in our patois."

Click here for Cleo's full article.

Fr Kevin Barr on the Wage Councils

ADDRESS of CHAIRMAN OF THE WAGES COUNCILS Fr Kevin Barr JJs on the Park 16th September 2010

Why We Need Good Leaders

by Sudarsan KantThe ability of small nation-states to survive in the global economy is already being determined by factors beyond our control and Fiji has neither the time nor the luxury to pander to individuals who will bargain our future so they can hold on to the past. The most appalling fact about the ethno-nationalists is their debilitating ignorance about our socio-economic realities and their utter contempt for the people of Fiji who deserve so much better. The future is already here; we just need good people to guide us through it.

2011 Budget Address - Full Text

2011 NATIONAL BUDGET ADDRESS Enhancing Economic Growth and Inclusive Development”
You may also hear parts of the address on FijiTV 6pm News by clicking here.

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WEEKEND READING. I hope to have more on the Budget and the Government's previous notice to delay minimum wage increases for a further six months over the weekend or early next week.
♦ Allen Lockington column  ♦ Why the West Is Losing the Pacific to China, the Arab League, and Just About Everyone Els ♦  Fr Kevin Barr on the Wages Councils  ♦ Why We Need Good Leaders by Sudarsan Kant
PM NOT ILL, DYING OR DEAD: JUST LIES.  CoupFourPointFive continues with its claims the PM collapsed, was shaking, suffered a stroke, went to China for treatment and not to meet with investors, was hospitalised, looked unwell. 

My information is the PM did NOT collapse at the airport. He did not go to China for heart surgery.  He did not have a stroke. His heart is fine. He  had no stroke. My informant spoke with him several times while he was in China where he did meet investors, and he has arrived back in Fiji this morning, suffering from nothing worse than jet lag.


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MSG APOLOGY AND FIJI-SOLOMON CO-OPERATION. Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) special envoy, Patterson Oti, met with  Foreign Affairs Minister, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, yesterday to discuss the reconciliation ceremony scheduled for December 15 to 17 in Honiara. The ceremony is for Vanuatu Prime Minister, Mr Edward Natapei to offer his apology to Fiji. Mr Natapei, who was the MSG chairman, refused to attend July's MSG summit in Fiji where he was to hand over the chairmanship position to Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama. This led to the cancellation of the summit.

Mr Oti's delegation  also met with the Attorney General and Minister for Industry and Trade Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum for discussions on cooperation and collaboration on trade and investment, and Fiji's Commerce Commission, the Consumer Council and labour laws.

WOMEN SAY NO TO VIOLENCE. More than 400 women will march to the Suva City Council foreshore today to mark the official launching of the 16 Days of Activism …

Bainimarama Alive Despite Blogs, PM Reports from China, Sayed-Khaiyum to Deliver Budget Speech, FNPF Huge Turnaround, Civil Servants' Three Year Contracts

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Mark Twain said this; it could have been Voqere Bainimarama.  It's pleasing to see so many anti-government people concerned about the health of the PM. First was their story, subsequently shown to be untrue,  of his supposed collapse at Nadi on the way to China, and Jone Baledrokadroka's revelation that the PM suffers from a longstanding heart condition. This had me surprised. Why would the PM undertake so many gruelling journeys if his health was threatened, and continue a journey after he'd collapsed?

The official reason given for the PM's China visit was to meet with officials and investors of whom there've been a number in Fiji lately.  But the rumours said he was in China for medical attention. One source even suggested he'd chosen China rather than India because he couldn't trust the Indians after he…

Money Laundering, Teachers to Need Fijian and Hindi, Police Name Tags, PM Back This Week, Maritime and Land Registry

APOLOGIES FOR LATE POSTINGS.  I usually manage to publish the daily postings before 4:30 in the afternoon but this week domestic chores have taken precedence. My apologies for any inconvenience caused by the later publication.

. The Unit yesterday opened a National Anti-Money Laundering Learning Center which will provide electronic computer based training (CBT) to financial institutions and stakeholders.FIU director Razim Buksh says the AML Learning Center and the CBT courses will be of tremendous value to Fiji’s law enforcement agencies as their officials will be trained without any cost. CBT courses will cover topics such as money laundering, human trafficking, precursor chemicals, search techniques, control deliveries and basic intelligence analysis.

“The main reason for providing such a training forum to law enforcement agencies is basically the nature of crime is quite complex, this is a new era, and we have seen emergence of complex cr…

Gripes of Roth, "Permanent" PER, $F1m Thieves Caught, Child Abuse, PM China Trip, Naitasiri

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DAMPENING THE FIRES.  Fiji’s information ministry says it’s hoping to put to rest concerns about doing business in Fiji at a forum in Fiji this weekend. The Permanent Secretary for Information, Sharon Smith Johns, says she wants to reassure investors following last week’s deportation of Fiji Water executive David Roth (photo). She says she and other government representatives are expecting questions about the affair at the two day Fiji Australia and New Zealand Pacific Business Forum in Sigatoka.

    “I’ve said that the issue with David Roth was between David Roth and the government and not Fiji Water and the business. It’s good to be able to reassure overseas investors, local investors and local business that it was between a person and the government not the business.”

She said the PM may elaborate further on Mr Roth’s departure on his return from China. The interim Prime Minister is due back in Fiji at the end of the week.