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Her Majesty the Queen has congratulated Fiji for achieving its 40th year of Independence. In a message sent  through the British High Commission in Suva to His Excellency the President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, Queen Elizabeth II said: 
“ As you celebrate your National Day. I have much pleasure in sending my warmest greetings to your Excellency and the people of Fiji, together with my best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous future.”

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

 Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that. 
Please don't make things worse   I hate to do this but I am fed up with what has been circulating on the internet. The warning about internet chat forums is spot on. Too many people in Fiji will read and may get hooked on the curious and end up believing rumours. But I wonder why people are doing what they are doing to spoil it for us who live here. It’s sad that I see our very own people writing and saying that the situation in Fiji is tragic, if I have to use a bad word.

Many Fiji citizens residing overseas are living in relative comfort. They live under conditions so good that the person who earns the lowest wage is king compared to the same people in Fiji. They should think about…

Layers of Conmen by Crosbie Walsh

It's a little like Russian dolls with one doll hidden inside the other.  Except in this case it's deceit that's hidden.

The story from Australia is that ethnic Fijian conmen, some of them lay preachers back in Fiji (and all claiming to be religious pastors in Australia), are promising to obtain "bridging visas" for people who have overstayed their entry visas and are likely to be repatriated to Fiji by the Australian authorities. Their "fee" might  start at $2,000 increasing to $5,000 when the "client" is hooked on the idea, and then to $10,000 when the hook bites.  The story came to light with the recent suicide of Josefa Rauluni at Villawood Dentention Centre when he was due to be repatriated to Fiji. 

The conman who conned the Rauluni family is well-known in the Fijian community. He is Jolame Nale (or Joe Naliva) who claims to have helped more than 200 Fijians stay in Australia. He says he never asked for any money from the Rauluni's.…

Resolving the Fiji Impasse: Let the Pacific Lead

By Gerald McGhie*
Former NZ diplomat, former Director of the NZ Institute of International Affairs,
former Chairman Transparency International NZ Interim Prime Minister Bainimarama’s track record does little to encourage those who look to an early negotiated settlement to the current coup/crisis. But the coup is now in its fourth year and Bainimarama remains well entrenched. Action to date has not brought him to the negotiating table.

Fiji Times - Newspaper or Activist?

A media decree that forced Rupert Murdoch’s News Ltd to sell The Fiji Times to a local company has bitterly divided media commentators.

Pacific Scoop: Report – By Siobhan Keogh

Mills & Military, Natapei & MSG, Journalists Half Right, and Right


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MILLS WORKING SMOOTHLY NOW MILITARY THERE. Two weeks ago the army placed soldiers on a 24 hour watch at the Lautoka and Rarawai (Ba, photo) sugar mills. There have been no stoppages since.  The placement was in response to concerns about almost daily breakdowns and stoppages.

The officer-in-charge of the military's E Company in Lautoka, Major Petero Tale, said, "While the issue of supposed sabotage has been brought to my attention, I believe that negligence by mill workers more than sabotage is the biggest threat to the industry."  He gave the example of a tank full …

Obama's Best Wishes, Qarase Government's Loan, Netani's Fate, RadioNZInternational

OBAMA CONGRATULATES FIJI on 40 years of Independence.  Click here.

MASSIVE LOAN MUST BE REPAID; EVEN BIGGER LOAN SOUGHT. International Monetary Fund (IMF) resident representative Yongzheng Yang confirmed yesterday  that Government has by September next year to repay the US$150m (F$300m) plus 7% interest (F$21m) on the loan  taken out in September 2006 by the Qarase-led government. Government is reported to be seeking a standby arrangement with the IMF for F$1billion to support Fiji’s reforms and debt obligations. “The repayment of the bond loan increases Fiji’s financing needs next year and this is one consideration behind Government’s request for a standby arrangement (SBA) with the IMF,” Mr Yang said. “The IMF would factor in this financing need should an SBA eventuate.”

.  "Elementary, my dear Rika" left this comment on your post "Chaudhry Breaks PER: So What? Rika a Goner...

"One statement above all explains Netani Rika's untenab…

PM's Fiji Day Address

COMMODORE JOSAIA VOREQE BAINIMARAMA, CF(Mil), OStJ, MSD, jssc,pscPrime Minister and Minister for Finance, National Planning, Public Service, Peoples Charter for Change and Progress, Information, Sugar, iTaukei Affairs, and Multi-Ethnic Affairs and Provincial Development

SPEECH AT THE OPENING OF FIJI DAY CELEBRATIONS 2010 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Albert Park                                                                                                    Thurs. 7th Oct., 2010 SUVA                                                                                                             1000 Hours

Cabinet Ministers; Members of the Diplomatic Corps; My Fellow Fijians; Children of Fiji; Ladies and Gentlemen.
Bula Vinaka and a Good Morning
Today’s ceremony is part of the Celebrations to mark our Independence Day. For us Fijians, this year’s Celebration has a particular significance since it marks 40 years…

PER Under Constant Review, FDFM Close to Terrorism, Fiji Day, and More

PER UNDER CONSTANT REVIEW. Fiji’s permanent Secretary for Information Sharon Smith-Johns says  thePublic Emergency Regulations are under constant review and can be lifted at any time.

The regulations, or PER, include rules on public assembly and the media. They were first introduced when the consitution was made invalid in April last year and have just been extended for another month.

Ms Smith Johns says the rules on the media are under particular watch since the Media Decree was issued in June. “When the Media Decree came in the Attorney General commented that the PER would be lifted after three months. That is being reviewed but there’s no decision on it as yet.”

ONE STEP CLOSER TO TERRORISM. The call by the anti-Government Australia-based Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement for economic and trade union sanctions against Fiji is so demonstrably "nutty" that its unlikely to be heeded. Earlier calls, also by the FDFM, for such sanctions were rejected by the Australian governm…

Chaudhry Breaks PER: So What? Rika a Goner, Talkback=Dialogue? Rural Electrification

CHAUDHRY BREAKS PER LAW: SO WHAT? "He was detained with the others, including his driver [sic!], and a local National Farmers' Union executive Sanjeet Maharaj and accused of holding a meeting with a police permit, the Fiji Times reported on its website.They were remanded until Wednesday."

Sometimes authorities should close their eyes to minor breaches of the law, and this was one such time.  Chaudhry's arrest draws attention to PER when it needs to fade away. His arrest provides him with a stage to poke fun at government that will be lapped up by Government detractors, in Fiji and overseas. Chaudhry revels in controversy and confrontation. Even the rabid anti-government blogs, usually critical of Chaudhry because he is FLP and Indo-Fijian, are hailing him as a hero. His arrest and impending court case will confirm in the minds of the politically important "middle Fiji" just how far the country is from dialogue, and again raise questions about government'…

China Rolls On, EU Rolls Back, Chaudhry, Tiger Woods, Some Hard Questions on the Media

WELCOME TO OCTOBER AND A NEW WEEK.There are several new features in the right sidebar this week: a new Quote for the Week (that the PM should recognize) and three videos-- two patriotic songs and an an old interview with 'the Man.' The Countdown clock shows there are still about 1,440 days to the elections.  You should also check out the Weekend Reading if you missed it. Your comments, of course, are welcome as usual but no more anonymous comments, please, if you wish to have them published.

PERSONAL ATTACKS AND RACISM. In making your comments, remember that while criticizing a person's statements or known position is a perfectly acceptable means of debate, attacking the person and not their statement, is not. Similarly criticizing someone who happens to be of a different race or culture is not racism, but attacking the person because he or she is of that race or culture, and writing stereotypal derogatory remarks about the person's race or culture,  most definitely is.…

Dracula Guards Democracy Bloodbank

by Thakur Ranjit Singh (photo).
On the "Sydney Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement Rally":

What a big joke for democracy the Sydney -style. They are having the Dracula KAITANI guarding the blood bank DEMOCRACY. This is the same Kaitani who went with me on CLOSE UP on Fiji TV in February, 2003 on debate on sedition. A footage from Larry Thomas's (USP)" A Race for Rights" where Kaitani was shown giving an inciting speech, urging the villagers collected at Sukuna Park, to depose "Indian, Satan' Chaudhry" , just before the march that resulted in takeover of Fiji Parliament.

This Kaitani admitted on national programme Close Up to have committed SEDITION. He was never charged (See Fiji Times of February 11 and 12, 2003). In fact, Qarase promoted him to full Cabinet post of Minister of Information. This Kaitani who was responsible for rape of democracy during Chaudhry rule and who was named as Speight's illegal Minister for Information is…