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Rumours Fill Fiji’s Information Void

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by ABC Correspondent Bruce Hill
Bruce Hill recently spent a week in two entirely separate countries. Granted, both of them were called Fiji, but there the similarities ended.

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

After reading Allen's column, scroll down to read yesterday's long posting.  Many comments on last week's postings are also well worth reading. Sorry there's no special Weekend Readings this week. Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in I thank Allen and Connect for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.
A Tree of Knowledge
A few friends usually meet at the Lautoka Market to have a basin of kava and a yarn. Most of them are retired and the others are almost there. They have been doing this for some 20 years, off and on.

Half of them look like they are in the late forties. They started meeting there way back when they were still working. They are Lautoka originals, meaning born, bred, schooled and worked all their lives in Lautoka. They played hock…

New Police Head, Old and New Times, Takiveikata, Tuvalu, Sugar Disasters, Some Methodist Changes Dropped

NEW POLICE COMMISSIONER. Prisons Commissioner Brigadier General Iowane Naivalurua (photo)  has been appointed as the new Commissioner of Police upon the recommendation of the PM. Current acting Police Commissioner Joeli Baleilevuka will revert to his former position of Deputy Commissioner.

The opinions I've received so far see Naivalua as an excellent choice. He is generally liked and well respected, and he did a great job as Prisons Commissioner.  The expectation is that he and Deputy Police Commissioner Joeli Baleilevuka will make a great team. Naivalurua said, " Expect changes to the police force but not everything will be changed as I'll  tend to just continue from the good foundation set by my predecessor Commodore Teleni and hope to build a strong force that will work strongly in partnership with the community.” 

THE TIMES IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE TIMES*. An anonymous commentator, 'Imprimatur', had this comment for 'Unbiased News' and other reader…

Fiji Times Survives, Election Preparations Underway, Women Need Financial Independence, Police Restructuring

FIJI TIMES SURVIVES. Yesterday's announcement that the Motibhai Group has purchased the Fiji Times from Rupert Murdoch's News Ltd for an undisclosed sum is good news for Fiji and the paper's workers but we may not learn the full story for a while yet.

It seems likely News Ltd has not exercised its option to retain 10% of the paper, which would be a good thing because it would give the new owners access to News Ltd expertise. It is also possible the sale does not include the paper's properties but why these should be excluded is anyone's guess.  Perhaps News Ltd hopes to buy back the paper some time?  It would seem likely the senior executives responsible for the papers never-ending tussle with Government will need to be replaced, if only to help Motibhai win Government trust. This would probably see Editor-in-Chief Netani Rika take up a position with News Ltd in Australia.

The really big question, though, is whether the sale will speed the lifting of the Public Eme…

Another Threat, Sugar Problems, Drought Costly, Naitasiri's Children, Housing, Squatter Progress, Stolen Dollars

ANOTHER THREAT.  Anonymous reader Noqu Viti left this comment on the post "Media Freedom? "Good News" from Fiji Times ..." Note how rumour spreads from insider sources and how he intends to protect my human rights if I ever set foot in Fiji.  Abbreviated.  To see the full comment, click on Comment at the bottom of the "Media Freedom .." post.

"Croz, Your blog is nothing but a rabid apology for an unelected regime in Fiji. I live in Fiji and we are suffering from the misrule and bad impact of the lunatic policies of this illegal regime. Yet you crow only about the niceties, in your untutored eyes, about this regime.

"We're glad the military council is now waking up to the lies and corruption of this regime ... I know this as I have close relatives in the military who are actively working from within to return Fiji to democratic rule where human rights are respected and citizens have the government of their choice. When that happens Croz, you…

Media Freedom? "Good News" from Fiji Times, Care for Elderly

MEDIA FREEDOM, ANTI-GOVT BLOGGER STYLE. ProGov, an anonymous reader, has left this comment on the post "The Theft, Wage Cuts, Chaudhry Takes on  Government...":

"Dear Croz, I feel it is time to comment on the sad state of blog sites reporting on news in Fiji. Whilst those that strongly oppose the current government cry ‘media freedom’ and condemn censorship their double standards amaze not only me but others that have attempted to comment on blog sites.

In the last week I have commented on several issues posted on Coup Four Point Five but none of the comments have been posted. All comments were worthy of posting and none contained the usual personal attacks that are found all over that site. However they chose not to post them. They seem to only give voice to those that are against the current government, so much for freedom of speech, perhaps they don’t want to hear the truth!

My other issue is the personal attacks that are now becoming popular again, derogatory rem…

Chiefs, Reforms Before Elections, No FHL Dividend, Sugar, PSA Warning, Rural Development

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CHIEFLY SHENANIGANS, an anonymous reader, made this comment to the Ro Teimumu item last week. It's hard hitting but none of the hits are below the belt. The writer is not anti-chief, but he or she does want chiefs to put the interests of their people and the nation first, and not "squandered both their inheritance and the trust and confidence of the Vanua."

For all their posturing in the Vanua, Ro Teimumu and the Qaranivalu are a bloody menace for the country as a whole. These paramount chiefs are a throwback to a not-so-distant past of competing confederacies, jealous rivalries, feudalism and religious and racial bigotry. They act as they feel, with no apparent sense of responsibility for helping to create a vibrant, successful, multiracial, modern nation. Each of them is in trouble for different reasons, Ro Teimumu for masking her political intrigues behind the veil of religious freedom, Ratu Inoke, for a reckless and ( i…