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Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in I thank Allen and Connect for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.

Operation  Kadi Vuka
I attended a Kadi Vuka presentation by Bio Security officers at Tilak High School on the termite problem in Lautoka. I found out that it is a national issue. At a glance we think that the problem is confined to wood being eaten and plants being destroyed. However, the PowerPoint presentation by Bio Security officer Lautoka Mr. Nilesh Chand was an eye opener for many of us. We got to learn that the problem extends to tourism, business, health safety and the economy.  Mr. Chand was very articulate and thorough in the presentation and we did not have any questions. We even got to see specimen of the insect.
As for the danger it pose…

Playing Politics with Typhoid

Map Health centres. Click to enlarge.The area affected is inland of Sigatoka.
The Facts The Fiji Ministry of Health has declared a state of public emergency in Navosa following two deaths, 20 confirmed cases and reports of over a 100 suspected cases of typhoid, a disease spread by bacteria that is usually transmitted through eating contaminated food or drinks prepared by someone who is sick. People over two years of age are being vaccinated to prevent the spread of the disease and public gatherings have been cancelled.
The Ministry advises visitors to villages and settlements to exercise caution with local water supplies and recommends tourists carry their own drinking water on such excursions. Tourists should avoid taking part in kava drinking ceremonies in rural areas unless tour operators can provide assurances that Fiji Ministry of Health guidelines are being observed. The public is urged to wash their hands with soap before taking food and after visiting the toilet. Australia is p…

Ono-i-Lau, Cakaudrove Apologize, Matanigasau - What Do They Mean? Aus Aid, Pacific Media Centre

Ono-i-Lau.Volcanic and coral; 7.9km2, max.elevation 113m. Pop.about 300.  Nearest island,Vatoa,90km. Distance to Suva 400km. Strong Tongan influences. Distance to Tongatapu

(+) ONO-I-LAU APOLOGIZES. As the PM's tour of the Lau Group continues, Fiji's southernmost island offered a traditional apology for not previously supporting Government. The PM told the islanders that his government is making numerous changes to bring rural people in developments they had not seen before.Government's focus is now on education, health, water, roads and electricity as well as removing race based politics. Once again, the PM condemning previous goverments that had used a chief and church power base to stay in power, he said he wants to hand over power to a Government after the 2014 General Elections "that will stand for a good country and one people."

(+) GOVERNMENT NOT DISRESPECTFUL OF CHIEFS OR CHURCH. PM Bainimarama  told villagers on Ono-i-…

A National Pledge? PM's Lau Tour, IMF & Public Spending, FNPF Owed $8m, Suspect Hardware Pricing

MY PJR PAPER ON FIJI BLOGS.  For those of you unable to access the link supplied, click on the Pacific Journalism Review front page in the left column, and then scroll down to the hyperlink for the article.  While you're there, look at the other articles in this and other issues and consider taking out  a subscription.
(+) PM'S PROVINCIAL TOURS CONTINUE: LAU.  The PM visited Moala on Tuesday and has travelled on to Totoya and Ono islands. His message is familiar. Peace and stability is dependent on the removal of racism in politics. Fiji's land and other resources must be released to grow the economy and speed development. He mentioned the potential for tourism in the island.  His traditional welcome was also familiar. Chiefs and yavusa heads admitted they hadn't support the People’s Charter in the past but pledged their support to the PM's leadership and direction he is now taking the country.

(+) FOLLOW UP ON GAU VISIT. Following the PM's visit to Gau, Governme…

Qasase Is/Isn't Shamozzle*, PER, Lagoon Resort, Fiji Forests

(o-) QARASE'S PENSION. Yesterday we welcomed a statement from Radio Australia and Michael Field that Qarase's pension was among those to be reinstated. Today the PM's Office says it is not. The incident once again illustrates the importance of Government pre-empting releases from anti-government sources, and not having to counter the reporting of events after they have been reported.

The Lagoon Resort incident reported below provides another example.  A Government News Agency, responsible for all government press statements, is urgently needed. Perhaps this could be a further task for the Acting Permanent Secretary for Information. 
P.S. A note to "Roy" and others commenting on this issue. These are not FNPF pensions!!!!

* Shamozzle = A problem that really isn't necessary, or that could easily be fixed, but usually isn't.

'. Several readers helped with the comments for the paper I presented at the…

Qarase's Pension Restored, Cybernet Terrorism, Women's Centres, Govt Borrowing, Govt & Media: PINA Says Keep Door Open

(+) ONE STEP BACK, THREE STEPS FORWARD. The PM's announcement that pension payments will resume for former parliamentary leaders and other outspoken critics is the sort of forward-looking conciliatory acts we need to see more of. Among those affected by the December Pensions Decree were former prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, and the leader of the 1987 coups, former Prime Minister Sitiiveni Rabuka.

The pension stopped was not the  FNPF pension to which all members contribute, but pension entitlements under the Parliamentary Retirement Allowances Decree 1989, the Prime Minister's Pensions Act 1994, the Judges Remuneration and Emoluments Act and the Pensions Act. This important distinction has never made clear by the international media who left the public thinking that Fiji's "John and Jane Citizen" had been reprived of pensions to which they had contributed for the whole of theire working lives.  So much, once again, for the impartiality of the media!




AUCKLAND TO DENARAU YACHT RACE has started.  Here is the link  to follow it real time. Scroll down to Map the GPS Tracker. It could take a while if you don't have broadband.