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Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in I thank Allen and Connect for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.
Pursuing Excellence
Education is important and we now have three universities? What do they teach? Are they different in any way? We have the University of the South Pacific, University of Fiji and the Fiji National University. With three choices, people will want to know what subjects are being offered. With this question in mind I ask, what makes a university?

Kadavu, FNPF, NLTB, Mahogany Mismanagement, Gold, Sugar Recoms Delayed

See the three Na Sala Cava? questions below this post. Offer your suggestions on "The Way Forward."  Read what others say. Ongoing until Wednesday when I'll attempt to summarize the comments, and post new questions.

RABUKA'S CHOICE OF 14 MAY FOR 1987 COUP NO COINCIDENCE? On May 14 1879 the first Indian indentured labourers arrived on the Leonidas. By 1916, when the last of  87 ships carrying girmitya arrived and the indenture system ended, some 60,537 Indians had been transported.

PM ON FNPF, NTLB, LAND MYTH, YAQONA. PM Bainimarama has told the Kadavu Provincial Council that those responsible for the $327 million FNPF will be charged."Era na beitaki kina mataveilewai ko ira kece era tiki ni gacagaca ni veivakalolomataki oqo (All those who are party to this oppression/abuse will be charged (taken to court)." Members' money had been misused by some people through dubious means and corruption.

(B) Twenty-Three Years On From 10:00 A.M., May 14, 1987

Three items:  Subhash Appana (immediately below); Citizens' Consitutional Forum Anniversary Release (abridged), and my comments on the CCF release.

Coup Anniversary and Forgiveness
By Subhash Appana

Today marks the 23rd anniversary of Rabuka’s coup, a coup that brought into the tranquil backwaters of the South Pacific the use of might over right as a weapon to change government. Sure, this had been the mode of choice in the good old days, but colonization and refinement by the British was supposed to have changed this more than a century ago. And like all old habits, it was supposed to have receded into the mists of time.

One Size Fallacy, FNPF, Racism, Rice, Land Theft

ONE SIZE Fits All Fallacy. "My view," said USP Head of Journalism Shailendra Singh,  "is that a one-size fits approach – that the conventional form of journalism is suited for all situations, circumstances and countries - is a fallacy. While conventional journalism has many strengthens in terms of exposing corruption, holding leaders accountable and espousing equality for all,  the focus on conflict and the manner in which conflict is reported is seen to be a problem in democratically fragile, developing nations. Cartoonstock.png

(o) When Criticism Should be Heard

BIMAN'S Criticism Useful
The word "criticism" is often used to describe a negative, fault-finding comment, but it more accurately means a judgement or assessment that may be positive or negative, or both. USP Economics Professor Biman Prasad's comments on the need for Government to encourage confidence to grow the economy reported in Islands Business were both. They were, I think, a fair, reasoned and helpful assessment that Government would do well to heed, despite his otherwise well-known opposition to the legality of  Government.  Photo: RadioFiji

NZ Trade Com, Kadavu Fiasco, PM's Advice to i-Taukei, China Reaffirms Support,, Exports Fall

NEW ZEALAND Trade Commissioner. As talks on restoring full diplomatic relations continue behind the scenes, a new Trade Commissioner will take up office in Suva by next month. This can only be good news.

GROSS INCOMPETENCY and SDL Abuse of Power. Kadavu House in Suva is owned by the Kadavu Development Company of which the Kadavu Provincial Council (and hence the people of Kadavu) are substantial owners. The multi-storeyed buildng was financed by provincial fundraising and a $14 million "affirmative action" loan from the Fiji National Provident Fund. The loan was supported by the former Qarase SDL-led Government which also guaranteed it would tenant the building, and Government paid $880,000 in advanced rents for a building they would never tenant. Photo:

In 2007 the Bainimarama government said the rent was too high; it found the company was not registered; had not held an AGM for 20 years, and that several SDL parliamentarians were Board directors.  Government asked…

(o+) Charter Progress, Politicians Spawned Racism, FNPF Board Abused Trust, Naitasiri Apologizes

DESTINY Lies Squarely In Hands of the People. "The destiny of Fiji lies squarely in the hands of her people and nobody else," National People’s Charter Advisory Council (NPCAC) Chairman Josefa Serulagilagi told members at the third NPCAC meeting in Suva.  Photo: RadioFiji.

(+) Tailevu and Powerful Bauan Chiefs Apologize to Bainimarama

The Tide is Turning
The province of Tailevu led by the powerful Bauan chiefs today presented a tabua to  PM Bainimarama to show their support to Bainimarama's leadership and to the government of the day.

Speaking on behalf of the Cakobau family which included Ratu Epenisa Cakobau, Ratu George Cakobau, Adi Samanunu Cakobau and the other Tailevu chiefs,  Ratu Tu'uakitau Cokanauto assured the PM that his [Bainimarama's] province is totally behind him to support what he has planned for the nation until the next general election in 2014.

Ratu Tu'uakitau (generally known as Ratu Tuki)  told Bainimarama to be strong as he said that Rome was not built in a day and if there are elements within the government who are trying to rush changes in his leadership they should be told to try and be patient.

He said everyone wants a change and a better Fiji and his chiefs have decided to present the tabua today to show their son that they will stand with him in the decision…