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(o) Tradition of Village Inspections Revived

An old age tradition of village inspections is being carried out in Nadi. This after the Tikina Council decided to restore what used to be a monthly practice.
At the chiefly of Narewa, the home of the ‘Tui Nadi’, village headman Samu Tuidraki said, “is a breath of fresh air”. He said what made it more special was that the women of SaunakaVillage were given the task to carry out the inspection. The objective was restoring healthy living practices and environment friendly attitude in the community.
“It is a happy day for the people of Narewa. It’s been a long time coming,” said Mr Tuidraki, who is the younger brother of Nadi special administrator, Aisea Tuidraki. He said the village inspection was supposed to be conducted on Tuesday. “Other villages have done theirs. We moved it to today because of other commitments.”
The 12 women of Saunaka were divided in three groups to cater for the three village tribes. The inspection started at around 10am after a traditional w…

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

 Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Connect. I thank Allen and Connect for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.
Computer Game Shops
The problems we are having with computer games shops are nothing new. Way before we had them we had billiards or pool shops. These shops are still with us and I often see school children in uniform gather there for entertainment.
The police have said that they will chase kids home found in these shops, but how about taking the child down to the police station and get the parents to pick them up from there. We could ask the school teacher to also come down so that the incident can be put on record.
And when police give advice on their Sunday TV Crime Stoppers programme the number of students found in computer and billiards shops can be mentioned. If we want to be s…

Tropical Cyclone Tomas

Click to enlarge.
Thanks "Charles G. Kick" for this. Cyclone Tomas is expected to enter the Fiji group sometime late tomorrow Saturday or early Sunday based on its current speed and intensity. It is expected to  be upgraded to a grade 3 hurricane.
Tomas on par with Bebe, officials say
Fiji’s emergency service personnel say the magnitude of Cyclone Tomas approaching the country is on par with Hurricane Bebe that stormed Fiji in 1972 killing over 180.

And they were not taking the threat posed by Tomas lightly as the nation is on full alert, bracing itself for the storm now heading for Fiji’s shores.

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Short Briefs
See Stop Press on Rinakama

(+) RFMF instructors sacked. The Military has sacked ten instructors for having extra-marital affairs with female cadet officers. Chief-of-Staff Brigadier General Mohammed Aziz (photo)  said the officers were removed because the army wanted to lead by example, and moral discipline among the ranks had to be maintained. The female cadet officers who were also discharged were part of a group of 70 recently recruited officer cadets.

(-) Where is Rinakama?I'd be more impressed with BrigGen Aziz's statement if I didn't share the growing concern about Peceli Rinakama's disappearance. There has been no official report on the whereabouts of this twice-jailed former MP since he was arrested by the military a week ago. Rinakama was briefly jailed in 2004 for being part of the failed Speight rebel administration and arrested and discharged in 2007 for being part of the Assassination plot. During the trial one witness claimed Rinakama was "…

(B) Fiji's Ethnically Unbalanced Public Sector Workforce

How to retain skilled Indo-Fijian public service officers was an issue  discussed at Tuesday's meeting of the National People's Charter Advisory Council. Chairperson Josefa Serulagilagi (Photo: FijiVillage) expressed concern at the  "low representation of Fiji Indians in senior civil service positions and heads of missions overseas ... Unfortunately, for some of our Indo-Fijian officers (working in the civil service)  is like a stepping stone into other areas such as the private sector, then they go overseas. That is the problem we are facing at the moment."  He was hopeful the People's Charter would help stop the drain brain.

Problem of ethnic balance not new
The problem of reasonably balanced ethnic represention is not new. It is a product of the plural society created by colonialism where residence-occupation-income-inclusiveness and ethnicity were absolutely linked. In a paper published in 1976*, based on the pre-Independence 1966 census, I wrote: "Thus…

(o) "Read and be Entertained: It is Pure 'Field' Genius"

This is  Michael Field's rebuttal to my post Michael Field: Another Blogger Who Gets it Wrong.  Originally posted on his blog,  then copied to two anti-government blog FijiCoup and Intelligentsiya,  my copy is from Intelligentsiya, where the introduction and comment following the post also tell a tale. None of these blogsites provided a link to my posting on Field.
Michael Field RebuttalEven though the Fiji Coup blog has posted Mike Field's latest musings, we think the original offending piece by Croz Walshe is worthy of a blogswarm.
In this article Field is roundly rebutting a blog "independent" coup supporter, Croz Walshe.
Read and be entertained -- it is pure "Field" genius.

Musings on Lord Haw Haw
By Michael Field -
6 March 2010

Peoples' Charter Progress, Media Decree, Arrestee "Disappears," Kamikamica Embezzlement Charge, NZHighCom, Bio-Fuel on Koro

Short Briefs

(o) Peoples' Charter. The second meeting of 16-member National Peoples' Charter Advisory Council (NPCAC)  was held on Tuesday at the Parliament complex in Veituto to discuss progress reports from various ministries on the progress of the Peoples Charter in 2009, and government programmes to be delivered in 2010. Photo: Parliament complex, Veiuto. Click to enlarge.

The National Council and its sub-committees will play an advisory role providing support to Government  which is the main implementing authority of the Peoples' Charter for Change, Peace and Progress. The Council's responsibility is to monitor progress,carry out civic education and conduct dialogue on important national issues. The outcome of today’s meeting will be presented to the Prime Minister and Cabinet. 

(o-) Media Decree. A media authority and tribunal could be introduced soon, after which PERS, the Public Emergency Regulations will probably be lifted. Highlights: the Tribunal will probabl…

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Short Briefs
Photo: Williams and Khan. Solomon Times.
NZ lawyer slams Fiji trial. Peter Williams QC is arguably New Zealand's best known and most respected criminal lawyer. His link to Fiji is his success in obtaining a permanent stay of prosecution for Ballu Khan, an acquittal that now looks of doubtful justice. The QC is questioning the validity of the court process in the Assassination plot case:

"I think the international press should make some inquiries into the validity of the trial and how the panel was put together and who appointed the judge and who appointed the assessors ... And whether or not those appointments were made by the military and if so wasn't the military one of the main participants in the trial itself; one of the parties ... All the evidence came from the military, the victims are supposed to be military so it would be a very interesting exercise if somebody - a journalist - was prepared to dig in and have a look at those lines of inquiry."


(o+) Blog Again Distorts Facts: the Assassination Plot Trial

The Coupfourpointfive blog has published the names and some personal details of the five assessors in the Assassination trial.  To what purpose, we can only guess but my guess is that it's a form of intimidation. My understanding is that the the identity of jurors in a NZ trial are deliberately not made public for this very reason. The blog then went on to distort two important facts relating to the selection of the assessors and their implied bias.

In what can only be seen as manipulation of the facts (or ignorance and manipulation by the person supplying the facts),  Coupfourpointfive condemned the appoint of the court assessors on the grounds that they were chosen by the the Chief Registrar of the High Court, former army lawyer Major Ana Rokomokoti.

As the blog knows full well, many government positions have been filled by army personnel, often because otherwise suitably qualified people would not apply for senior positions due to Australian and NZ travel sanctions. And as th…

(o+) Fiji Rebukes Attempted Infringement of Pacific Islands Sovereignty

In a barely concealed statement, Fiji has rebuked "certain regional neighbours" for seeking to infringe its sovereignty, and that of island members of the Pacific Islands Forum, by seeking influence over the direction of their national budgets, development plannning and development aid  donors.

The Fiji Government has reacted strongly to a press release by the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat on the so-called Cairns Compact that claimed to represent all Pacific countries, despite Fiji’s forced exclusion from the Cairns meeting.

Foreign mininster Ratu Inoke Kubuabola (photo) said Fiji is neither a party nor supports the Cairns Compact, and claimed many major aid donors were uneasy about the Compact. Fiji, he said, views the Compact as an infringement of the sovereignty of Pacific Island Countries and an imposition of the foreign policy of certain regional neighbours on sovereign donors. It breaches the fundamental principles of sovereignty, the right of self-determina…

Sunday Feature: An Insider's View from the Outside

Nesian is a pseudonym for a moderate, Fiji-born, part-Fijian,
Hindi-speaking, sky-blue passport-carrying, former Fiji-resident. An `Insider's View From the Outside' is the result of years spent thinking about all that has happened since the 2000 coup.

Janus* Complex
We delude ourselves if we think the rest of the world really cares about what happens to Fiji.The only time the country warrants any attention is if the strategic interests of the Western world are at risk.

 This is the thought that went through my mind as I watched televised news of an array of current and former global leaders as they hemmed and hummed in response to a journalist’s question about boycotting the Olympics over China’s human rights violations in Tibet.It wasn’t even a question about imposing economic sanctions.

But here was the centre left in glorious display at the Progressive Governance Summit in London – Bill Clinton, Gordon Brown, Kevin Rudd, Helen Clark (normally a good bloke, as the Australians…