Marist Spirit Leaves Mark

The Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama says common equal citizenry and patriotism is essential for building strong modern nations.
This is in line with the Marist spirit that values the equal treatment of all and also demands united effort in building the nation.
“For the first time in Fiji’s history we are all here today as Fijians,” he said while addressing the Marist Old Boys Mobilize Fiji 2010 event in Suva.
“The fundamental and legal basis of common and equal citizenry is imperative to build not only a strong modern nation state-state, but it is imperative to build strong institutions through good governance.
“After all, good governance requires that we do not fall prey to communalism, personalities and/or other determinants that are irrelevant to building strong institutions.
“It requires us to build institutions based on principles. It requires us to remove systemic corruption. It requires us to recognise and assist those who are marginalised and empower them.”
Bainimarama noted that the foundations of a strong Fiji was the equal treatment of all people regardless of ethnic, social, or economical differences and this resonated with the Marist spirit.
“The Marist milieu still resonates in us today because the legacy of the Marist Brothers was built on principles and ideals that were enduring and common to us all,” the Prime Minister said.
“Despite our different careers, our different locations, we are here today because of that Marist spirit that has left an indelible mark on us as individuals.
“You don’t have to be a Prime Minister, a minister, a politician, a judge, a lawyer or a CEO to contribute.
“In fact you don’t have to be in Fiji, you simply have to believe in and practise the Marist philosophy.
“By doing so, we will send a strong message to all our fellow Fijians and those who are watching us – Fiji can realise its potential through an inclusive and strong nation state, in which individuals care, have trust, respect state institutions and are patriotic.”

-- 2010 No:1806/AG. See also


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