Interview with New Australian Parliamentrary Secretary for Pac Is Affairs

 In short, on the surface, no change towards Fiji and no Australian pressure on the Melanesian Spearhead Group. A major concern seems to be that other Pacific nations do not copy Fiji. But, below the surface, surely Australia must be aware of Bainimarama's Look North policies and how they may affect Australian influence in the region.  Read on.


MJ said…
Very disappointing comments. Just reinforcing that Australia is going to continue down the same idiotic position toward Fiji.

He basically said that if Aust keeps the same position, he doesn't any sign see Fiji will have elections earlier than 2014. If Aust changes its position, Fiji will still have elections in 2014 (just what Bainimarama has been saying for a while now). So, rather than change policy, which might make Australia look silly and wrong, we may as well keep the same policy as before. How selfish. Rather than think about how they can help Fiji, its economy and giving advice on electoral and other reforms, they rather worry about how the Australian government will look.

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