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Blame someone else said…
Here we go again....when the Sh!t hits the fan blame someone else. This must be 101 basic training for RFMF.

The chairman and CEO have both gone. Now the Sugar minister needs to take some accountability as well. Oh that's right he is off swanning around the world...again.

A series of breakdowns at sugar mills around the country has raised suspicions within Government of sabotage inside the Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC).

Government’s suspicions stemmed from the fact that mill breakdowns around the country were of a similar nature.

Speaking to the Fiji Sun at Navutu Village, Naitasiri, yesterday Permanent Secretary for Sugar Manasa Vaniqi said in all the breakdowns reported so far, the mill boilers were affected.

The latest, he said, was at Rarawai where an explosion involved the boiler.

“I must admit that we’re very suspicious with the chain of breakdowns in all our mills and all involved the boilers,” Mr Vaniqi said.

He said the chain of breakdowns had been happening despite the presence of the team upgrading the mills.

We’re going to the bottom of this and tough action will be taken if the need be,” Mr Vaniqi said.
Croz Walsh said…
@ Here we go ... You have to admit it is strangely coincidental. If you really wanted to hurt the economy and expose Government for its supposed ineffectiveness, can you think of a better way? Or do you think Government's opponents are too principled for such actions?

And the Permanent Secretary made it quite clear he was not blaming anybody (as you would have it). He was expressing a suspicion, not a fact.

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