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. Poor management and practices by the Fiji Sugar Corporation for the past 15 years and the deliberate non-renewal of leases to Indo-Fijian farmers are two reasons for the sorry state of the sugar industry today, according to Tavua cane farmer, businessman and former FSC director Dijednra Singh.

People were hired for personal reasons, not merit, he said, which forced many qualified technical engineers to emigrate. He said the non-renewal of leases was "a very aggressive policy" that resulted in Indo-Fijians leaving cane farming for work in peri-urban areas in Suva and the West.

McCULLY LISTENING. Reporting on his meeting with Fiji's Foreign Minister on Tuesday, the NZ FM  said the Fiji Government thought the international community hasn’t been listening to it enough. “They would argue that the international community hasn’t taken sufficient notice of their strategic framework for change process. I’ve tried to listen to that discussion and to make sure that the international community and particularly New Zealand’s concerns are understood.”

PACER STALLS WITHOUT FIJI.  The Pacific Islands Forum leaders want the Forum's Ministerial Action Group to work out a way to get Fiji involved in the talks over the proposed regional free trade and economic integration treaty, PACER Plus. The negotiations seem to have stalled and Fiji is part of the reason. It is the second largest of the island economies after Papua New Guinea. Some of the island governments which rely heavily on Fiji for a range of reasons do not seem to be very interested in PACER Plus if Suva is not included.

. A delegation from the Tailevu Provincial Council led by Ratu George Cakobau, Ratu Jope Seniloli, Ratu Mai Namalata  and Chairman Josefa Seruilagilagi thanked Government on Thursday for its development assistance to the province. The PM briefed the delegation on progress on the Roadmap to Parliamentary Democracy; stressed the importance of agriculture and education to rural areas; and said Government would not be bullied into holding early elections. Government, he said, remains open to engagement with those who choose to understand Fiji.-- Based on 2010 No: 1339/MOI.

ALL NEW POLICE JOBS WILL BE REVIEWED. All new posts within the Fiji Police Force that were created by the former Police Commissioner Commodore Esala Teleni will be reviewed.Acting Police Commissioner Joeli Baleilevuka told FBC News - he will be reviewing all the new posts that were created and implemented by his predecessor.
Ed. Note. Unlike the Military, the Fiji Police Force used to have a reasonable balance of all ethnic groups.  It is hoped the Acting Police Commissioner will restore its former ethnic balance.

THEY'RE AT IT AGAIN. So far the only resignation or dismissal the rumour-mongers have not informed us about is that of the PM, though they periodically whisper about rebellion and mutiny. Teleni has resigned (no thanks to the rumour-mongers for that prediction) but forget their latest about Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and  Christopher Pryde.

As PS for Information Sharon Smith Johns said: “The fact of the matter is that the Attorney General and the Solicitor General have been at the forefront of moving Government reforms and are performing well above expectations and have the utmost confidence of the Prime Minister and other cabinet members.” Her advice is "keep focused on moving the country forward,  enjoy the Hibiscus festivities, and ignore these malicious rumours.”

Many readers probably don't realize the extent of the termite infestation in the Lautoka area. Some 970 houses and 17 schools are invested, and  627 houses and ten schools have so far been treated with the Termidor Dust. Treatment and re-surveys will continue until the buildings are declared termite free. The Dust needs to be left in holes drilled by the Operation Kadivuka teams for up to four weeks before they can be checked, verified and declared termite free. -- Based on 2010 No: 1301/MPI.


Joe said…
I wouldn't write off these rumours yet, based on Sharon's comments, Croz. We have seen enough recently to make a call in the affirmative. Richard Naidu was detained for allegedly rumour mongering, and look what happened. Hunter was deported for a "bigger rumour" and we all know about the legal action against MC.
What irritates people most is not knowing what is going on around them. The PER is actually working against this govt.
In denial said…
Perhaps best not to jump the gun or go into denial about the rumours circulating. There will be more Rokomkotis and Telinis, as well as the rejection of Driti by the UN that was predicted and we all now accept. The military council is looking very closely at dealings by khaiyum. As for pryde, you will see shortly that the pressure is getting to him. Both will go soon.
If you think the junta has a sound base you are in denial.
Roadmap... said…
Here we go again.

The government press release has the PM briefing a select group of people on "the roadmap to parlimentary democracy". Not the roadmap to government change or economic growth. Great so far.

However this makes me sick. He is happy to breif delegates from the Pacific at the friends of Fiji meeting. Now he is briefing small group of people (one of which works for him anyway) yet the large majority of people in Fiji and those most impacted by his coup remain in the dark.

We have still not seen ANY ROADMAP on the return to PARLIMENTARY DEMOCRACY. And we certainly have not seen any updates on any progress. Most beleive none has happened.

Why do I feel sick ? Because my gut says it's all lies and spin.
Why, why, why IF PROGRESS is being made would the PM not breif the people of Fiji ?

Maybe because no progress is being made.

Maybe because the PM can't articulate it.

Maybe because this just spin.

Maybe we continue to be taken for ride.

The only explanation we have been able to get is a rough go by a New Zealander (Croz).
Hell said…
For all those looking for a Roadmap to parlimentary democracy give up. You are living a lie straight from the dictators mouth.

If it existed someone would have seen it, read it or leaked it. But no, beause it does not exist.

I know such idea's frustrate you Croz but despite all your reader calls to see and read the Road Map to democracy it has yet to be produced.

The idea that some small groups are being breifed on this is fanciful. The PM struggles to explain even the simplest concepts. How could he explain this ?

The whole idea that this government will do nothing until 2013 is nothig but a stalling tactic and we are already hearing the new excuses as that date gets closer. eg not ready, australia to blame, i won't hand over to the same government, bla bla bla.

It's so depressing Croz and really you have absolutely no idea how hard it is in Fiji if you are on the wrong side of the military. It's HELL>
Dressed for Court.... said…
Delighted to read that a Magistrate in Labasa has detained someone for appearing in Court dressed in shorts. Since when was it appropriate and allowed to appear before any member of The Bench dressed in such a way? Answer: since Law & Order and thus respect went to hell in Fiji. About twenty years ago. Since when were people in any Court allowed to come in or to exit without bowing appropriately as a sign of respect to The Bench? Ditto. It has been shocking to see the disrespect accorded to the Courts in Fiji. And Police Officers have been largely responsible for failing to enforce respectful behaviour. Thirty years ago, no one under the rank of sergeant was posted to any Court. Over the years this has all slipped. Well done, Labasa Magistrate. Let us ensure that this is followed throughout Fiji in every Court in the land.
Radiolucas said…
@ Roadmap

I share the same, sticky, sinking feeling each time he makes another promise.

Most Politicians at this stage would be put out the back door and left with the cats and dogs - but no, we get more endless drivel and trite marketing non-speak.

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