The meaning is clear but just about everything else is wrong about this cartoon posted on the ozfiji. com website.  The cap is not a RFMF one, the palms are not coconuts, hardly anyone lives in a bure any more (under 4% in 1996, or 4,800 Fijians and 465 Indo-Fijians!) and  not many bure have so many windows. Ling Ling should visit Fiji to see what things really look like.

As for the message, my understanding is that  ethnic Fijians have always been i-taukei and Fijian, and they always will be.  The only change is that now  all citizens  are legally Fijian.

Just as in New Zealand where there are Maori New Zealanders, Pakeha New Zealanders, Chinese and, yes, Fijian New Zealanders, Fiji will now have i-taukei Fijians, Rotuman Fijians, Solomoni Fijians, Kailoma Fijians, and so on.  In some situations Maori will say they are Maori; and in others New Zealanders. Ethnic Fijians will be i-taukei or Fijian as the situation demands.

The Decree is about promoting national identity and a sense of belonging for all Fiji citizens. No one loses anything. All should gain.


Anonymous said…

Well PM is saying 10 countries will
join the meeting.

I would love to ask each country a
simple question.

Would you support the removal of your
government by military or police
or anyone ?

I doubt they would so why the support
In Fiji.

Perhaps they are there to help get
Fiji on track to democracy but frank will
try and spin it as them supporting him
Liu Muri said…
NBN will need to reframe the question:

Would you support removal of government if under the skirt of democracy:
a) your leaders were practising gross abuse of national resources,
b)were planning to release treasonous criminals out of jails through dubious legislation
c) were denying social justice and equality to almost half its population through their ideology of ethno-nationalism, and blatant racism
d) who were using their elite positions to line up their pockets?

Go ahead, NBN, do not ask half-cocked question, give full information.
White Frangipani said…
Croz - I think it is great that the Fiji pro-democracy groups and those who are opposed to the Dec 2006 are reading your blog and posting comments straight away. Better to read your blog and read balance than other Fiji blogs that espouse only reactionary, emotive and angry comment against what is happening in Fiji. They need to start accepting the fact that change is happening in Fiji and that fighting against this change all the time is fruitless and a waste of good energy and resources. Hopefully those opposed to the positive change in Fiji will soon start being a bit more positive themselves. I can't ever see Fiji going back to the way it was pre December 2006. Those opposed to the Bainimarama Government could offer so much to Fiji’s future if they started to think about what is good for everyone in Fiji, not just what is good for themselves.
SOE said…
@ Anonymous

"Your government....?" What exactly do you mean by "Your government"? Elements of the military and rogue Police (including a Commissioner of Police) connived and were instrumental in acts of terrorism and hostage taking in 2000? You must be kidding if you feel that that is the normal democratic process in play? Surely?
Red Dragon said…
@ Ling Ling 2010

It might help if the artist and publisher could spell 'amendment' properly? But no - that is not where we wish to go.

"I see a good amendment of life in thee: from Praying to Purse-taking".

Henry IV Act 1 Scene 2

So much for 'Being Proud'?
sara'ssista said…
@ Liu Muri ...was it not this regime that were quick to give themselves immunity ?? Why on earth would they do that??? and Why is it the same faces keep appearing in interim governments and public service and refuse to be held accountable but are quick to swear loyalty to the military leader. I don't have to defend any government that has lost it's way , but there are elections for a reason and it appeared the military was all about accountability until itself was under budget scrutiny, and then guess what happened? no elected government and then no judiciary. Yes we should all be grateful....
Anonymous said…
Some thoughts....

@Lui and M.B.N

There are many people that want to give the military and it's government (sorry it is a military now and will be until the military step away from it). I am one of those people. Like many people I want to see something good come out of the pain the country is going through. Yes government have made a few good changes. I would like to see a lot more change and a much quicker pace.

This government and the PM could do well to lose its arrogance and aggressive, often repressive approach to anyone who disagrees with him.

This government would do well to get moving on things it has promised. Dialogue would be a good place to start. Remember when the UN was going to be involved. They many people including me - everyone except the PM.

This government would do well to make some symobollic changes. One would be for the PM to resign from Military. One would be to create a pannel to consult on degrees before they are introduced. One would be to provide more transparent outcomes of cabinet meetings (which we only here approving things).

One big problem this government has is they say they want to stop the coup culture but it's hard for public to swallow. It's like saying 'I shot someone to make a stand against violence'. So how about a decree that put anyone involved in a coup in the future in jail for life - no exceptions.

One last comment and sorry for rambling a bit. 2014 is critical. Miss that date by even one day and any shred of credibility will be lost. Government should expect there to be a cyclone and flood and something else unkown now to happen before then so DO NOT use those future eents as excuses.

Because 2014 is critical there should be milestones to be achieved before then. The old story is 'how do you eat a elephant ?' answer is 'one bite at a time'. Military, PM, government please start biting real hard. Give us some milestones.
Anonymous said…
@ Liu

Plenty of corruption in PNG, plenty of people think some of the AU policies are racist, plenty of 'elites' in Vanuatu, plenty of corrupt police in NZ. So they all justify a coup ?

Problem with your thinking is it all about judgement.
Walker Texas Ranger said…
@ Anonymous and @ Liu:

So, back to Justice and Judgement because that is finally what all governance must be about:

"WHO WILL JUDGE THE JUDGES"? Peter Jones asks in this week's Spectator Magazine. He comes to the conclusion that the judiciary exists to serve the public. But even in the UK, he observes, the judiciary is in danger of becoming an oligarchic elite accountable only to itself.

"Fiat iustitia, ruat coelum".

Let Justice be done though the heavens fall in. In Fiji, this must be the pre-eminent requirement for all Fijians. Over and above every other necessity. No more impunity for anyone and that includes corrupt magistrates and judges and the police officers who have colluded with them. Pace the New Zealand Law Society: they will just have to grin and bear it!
. said…
@ All ... I'm amazed that hardly anyone has addressed the subject of this posting (i.e., the use of "Fijian.") It all started with the first comment by N.B.N.

Great that so many people have responded, but please add your comments to the post where they below.

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