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LAND TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER? The Ministry of Lands is currently reviewing applications for transfers and mortgages of crown leases to ensure that Government as state land custodian gets its fair share from these transactions. Permanent Secretary for Land LtCol Neumi Leweni said “One of the greater concerns is the Transfers of Agricultural Leases to higher uses such as Tourism Development and other commercial and industrial uses.“Most lessees are selling their agricultural leases to developers and overseas buyers at quite high prices offered by these buyers” and there have also been incidences where local land speculators have taken advantage of the situation by buying agricultural leases from poor farmers and selling them to overseas buyers at high prices. “The sad part," he said, "is those who really want to farm or develop the land are being forced to pay high prices.”

CCF CALLS FOR DIALOGUE. The Citizens’ Constitutional Forum (CCF) has called upon Government to re-instigate the inclusive national political dialogue for electoral reforms as a first step towards implementing the Roadmap to elections, and acknowledge John Key’s reassurance that they are prepared to help Fiji financially or in other ways, to ensure that elections take place by 2014.

“Electoral reforms and the elimination of race-based voting are a critical first step in this process and the CCF calls for an inclusive political dialogue to be re-instigated at the earliest possible opportunity to facilitate such reform,” said the CCF Rev. Akuila Yabaki. He requested government to seek assistance from the 11 countries whose leaders were present at last week's meeting at Natadola to find a facilitator for the national political dialogue.

PM NEVER SPOKE TO SARAH ROBERTS, the Acting Australian High Commissioner who was expelled for allegedly interfering in Fiji's internal affairs. He said he speaks regularly to the Indian High Commissioner, the Chinese ambassador, the French ambassador and all other diplomatic representatives except those from Australia and NZ.

GETTING LAND INTO PRODUCTION.  Following consultations with all members, the mataqali Sinu of Nadogo Village in Macuata  has agreed to "give" 50 acres of land to the Committee for Better Utilisation of Land. Tui Nadogo Ratu Ilisaniti Malodali said "That is the first piece of land we have identified and there is more to be seen and discussed before we make decisions for development purposes. We believe development will be boosted once we make use of our land and work with the Government in developing the economy of the Northern Division." He said traditional leaders in the area had been advised to talk to members of their clans about making  land available to the CBUL for development purpose.

. FTUC President Daniel Urai says that the upturn in tourist arrivals has seen many of those made redundant or put  on rotating hours now back in the tourism industry. He said the Union understands the employers' difficulties and always tried to work in the best interest of members and employers during difficult times.

TWO PERMANENT SECRETARIES CONFIRMED. Previously in acting roles, Pio Tikoduadua has been confirmed as the Permanent Secretary for the Prime Minister’s Office and Tevita Bolavanua as the Auditor-General. Both appointments are for three years.


Anonymous said…

We all know you are no fan or friend of Michael Field (perhaps for good reasons) but he has picked up on something interesting from the Natadola meeting.

There was a presentation given on “"Pacific Bridge to Noble Wealth" by Pangea World. Read Mr Field’s article here:

Suspicious of Mr Field I did my own research and it looks like he is onto something. It is impossible to make sense of what Pangea World are on about from their website. I could find no evidence of actual progress on anything but you can buy their programs ! If Fiji wants some credibility it would do well to do some research before giving these types of international carpet baggers (Field’s words) a stage.

What Mr Field didn’t pick up is ‘Pangea World’ claim to have started this work in Fiji in the 90’s and that a “Action Plan for National Development and International Prestige of the Republic of Fiji: Blueprint for a TCR Leadership® Economy of Fiji was endorsed by Fiji’s Cabinet on 13 February 2001 and on 7 May 2002”. If correct what heck has happened since then ? Surely Frank is not supporting a LQ initiative ?

They also claim His Excellency Winston Thompson Ambassador of the Republic of Fiji to the United States of America is a “Fellow, PANGEA WORLD”. There is a photo of him at an impressive looking meeting in 2009.

MARY ROOSEVELT (widow of son of former US President) is listed as PANGEA World Ambassador. However if you do a quick google search on Ms Roosevelt she does not list her role as World Ambassador anywhere as one of her interests or formal roles.

Maybe they should bring back that famous Aussie con artist to investigate corruption on behalf of the military again.

Anonymous said…

Maybe Pangea World can be engaged to re-write
the Fiji's Military Forces website. Or maybe
they already did ? I encourage everyone
to have read and ask yourself is this the
organisation that should be leading Fiji ?
Cargo Cult said…
This Pangea World and its so called fanciful 'Pacific Bridge to Noble Wealth' is sounding more like Tonga's costly experiment with the appointment of a 'court jester' some years ago?
Anonymous said…
The PM often meets with people but rarely 'speaks' with anyone. By that I mean there is never any debate or in depth discussion. Delicate issues are danced around. Even when he has a set up interview he struggles to articulate his vision.

Having said that Australia's early policy of not enagaging directly with Frank was madness.
snoopy said…
We have had a number of discussion on the number of tourist arrivals in Fiji. I think there is no clearer proof of higher tourist numnbers than the increase in tourist worker numbers as confirmed by Daniel Urai.

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