Kubuabola on Natapei, US Tourism, Consultations on Elderly, Manhunt Questions

URGENT NOTICE. The Citizens’ Constitutional Forum (CCF) has produced  its first film ‘Enduring Hope’ to promote racial harmony and tolerance in Fiji.  The 30-minute film, which is in  Fijian, Hindi and English with sub-titles in English where necessary, will be launched tomorrow  Wednesday, 21st, 6.30pm–8pm, at the Marine Studies Lecture Theatre, University of the South Pacific (USP), Laucala Campus, Suva. 

TACTFULLY NOT CALLING HIM A LIAR. Responding to a 19th July press statement by Vanuatu PM Edward Natapei on his reasons for deferring the MSG Summit that was to have taken place in Suva later this week, Foreign Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola  (photo) said the statement "contained what could be deemed as inaccuracies and misrepresentation of facts."

Specifically --
  • The claim that he had consulted and had the support of PNG and Solomon Islands when both had given their support in writing for Fiji to Chair the 2010 MSG meetings as hosts, in line with the traditions and practices of the MSG.
  • A letter dated 13tth July from Sir Michael Somare to Natapei copied to Fiji in which Sir Michael disagreed with and disputing the decision, terming Natapei's  actions as “un-Melanesian”.
  • The Solomon Islands High Commission in Suva categorically stated that Solomon Islands was not a party to the decision. Ratu Inoke said Mr. Natapei’s claims were especially baffling given  PNG and Solomon Islands support for the "Engaging with the Pacific" meeting this week.
  • The claim that by Natapei that he had send a Personal Emissary to Fiji to explain his decision. No emissary arrived.
  • The claim that he acted "without the influence or interference by the Australian Government is moot," given the extensive Australian lobbying.
Ratu Inoke said Natapei's action could have long term implications, leading to possible fragmentation of the MSG Bloc. He called on him to set aside personal agendas and come together for the collective good of the Region. It was with this objective that Fiji was convening the “Engaging with the Pacific” Meeting where the Pacific Leaders would have an opportunity to dialogue, resolve differences and identify solutions for the good of the Region through the “Pacific Way ”. -- Abbreviated MOI release 1060.

. With US visitor arrivals for the first four months of the year showing a marked increase – up 10% over the corresponding period in 2009 – Tourism Fiji has embarked on what is seen as an extremely timely ten-day road show designed to further boost numbers from this key market.

The national tourist office is targeting more than 900 travel agents in 12 cities in Pacific and mid-western regions of the US from 12-23 July with the support of Air Pacific, Continental Airlines and 16 of its Fiji industry colleagues.

CONSULTATIONS ON ELDERLY.Social Welfare Minister Dr Jiko Luweni  says Government is currenlty working on a National Policy Framework to protect the elderly that will include health care, transportation, long term institution care, support arrangements for family caregivers and support for the disabled. The first round of consultations that will involve other government ministries, town councils, academic institutions, corporate agencies and NGOs will start next week on Wednesday.

A MANHUNT IS ON  for five men who escaped from Lautoka's Natabua prison over a 24-hour period. During the same period another prisoner escaped from Korovou Prison. Police suspect they are being hidden by members of the public.

Another explanation is that the escapees were assisted from the inside by one or more crooked prison official. The possibility of organized crime involvement should also not be overlooked. The incidents also explain why Government relies so heavily of the military for tasks that, in "normal" circumstances, would only involve prison and police authorities.


Anonymous said…
Lies, Lies and more lies...

The problem is we really don't know who is telling the truth. Based on track record I'd be backing Vanuatu well before Fiji.

If indeed Vanuatu is lying why would PNG and Solomons not come out and say so ?
snoopy said…
What track record are you talking about - the setting up of Vanuatu as a tax haven in the PAcific for Australian & NZ companies, the stated position of Solomns and PNG??
ni-Vanuatu attack said…
Not sure your personal attack on the PM of Vanuatu and on ni-Vanuatu integrity helps your cause or the cause of Fiji moving forward?
Instead of attacking other nations perhaps Fiji just needs to urgently try and fix the mess it is in?
Flogging the dead horse of the MSG + helps no one - it has gone, dead and buried. Hopefully something will come out of the 'friends of Fiji meeting'. when we know just what it is about?
. said…
@ ni-Vanuatu attack... Other than the heading, I'm citing Ratu Inoke. I am not making a personal attack against anyone.
Anonymous said…
Collusion is expected to emerge in the escape of five prisoners from remand. Checks have been made to fine that many of them have long records of previous convictions for robbery with violence. Now another is on the loose from Korovou. Is this part of The Rot? Prison overcrowding is evident now that the Crimes Decree is beginning to bite. But no excuse for permitting alleged and previously convicted violent offenders escape from custody can be tolerated.Gaps in the system must be immediately plugged.
sara'ssista said…
It is amzing that Croz and his fellow travellers scrutinise every comment from any source and disect it for anti regime bias, which is fine, but certainly don't even pretend to be as rigorous with this regime and it's apologists. Completely giving up and just presuming that there is no way of any independant verification so we will just let their comments stand alone and defend them to the hilt. Not thorough and terribly unconvincing.
MJ said…
Lies....(etc) Lets see how hard it is to work out who is telling the truth.
1) Natapei clearly stated that PNG and Solomon Islands supported his decision that Fiji should not chair the MSG.
2) Both PNG and Solomon Islands have come out to say they were never against Fiji chairing the MSG.

Wow, that is a really tough one. So hard to work out who is lying. I know, it must be Bainimarama. Stands to reason as he is an unelected dictator so he must be lying about everything - even things he hasn't commented on.
Anonymous said…

...then why allow him to make the statement ? Why not force him to change it. And this is the MSG that is supposed to take over from PIF. No wonder Frank is desperate to chair it if the chair can say what ever he likes and others won't stand up to him.
Anonymous said…
@ MJ and Anonymous

To say straight out "that it is so hard to tell who is lying" is an admission of defeat - or of very poor judgement. Of course, it can be worked out who is lying or, more to the point, "Who wants their cake...and to eat it".

That is the simple test.
Dissembling again? said…

"Other than the heading...?" How many times have you, quite rightly, castigated the FT for their headings which used to leave a false impression.

'Ni Vanuatu' quite rightly accuses you of a personal attack on the Vanuatu PM by virtue of your headline. You shouldn't now try to skate around his accusation, since the word 'liar' was penned by you.

I sympathise with your frustration that others on this site often don't write in accordance with your principles. However you should.
MJ said…

You cannot stop a leader of a county making a statement if he wants to. But the other leaders did stand up to him by coming out with their own statements that he did not speak for them as he claimed. i.e. he lied.

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