False Prophet, Non-Aligned Fiji, Pacific Hub for Arabs, A-G Telecommunications Appointment

FALSE PROPHET.  Read The Fiji Times's Zero Plus One report. Correction to my earlier report.  Gavoka was arrested under the Public Order Decree, not PER.  This is what one reader wrote:
" We all agreed that the arrests were perfectly justified and justifiable. Allen Lockington, rightly in my view, describes the e-mails as an ‘act of terrorism’.  The whole prediction/prophecy charade was a cover for what is really intended.  Destabilisation and eventually……..terror?    This man Gavoka, whom I know, is educated and perfectly capable of bearing responsibility for his actions.  He knows what he is about.  His Church, Pastor and so-called Christian activities are all part of the ruse: terrify the people, use the Bible to effect, then bring down government.  To Hell with the ordinary, credulous people, the education of our children, the provision of services to the people at large and the sick and elderly."

FIJI NOW PART OF NON-ALIGNED MOVEMENT. This was confirmed by the PM speaking from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The Movement, formed in 1961, has 118 member and 17 observer countries, or two-third of the United Nations members and 55% of the world population, mainly in developing countries. The Movement is concerned with issues of national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, the security of non-aligned countries, and all forms of foreign aggression, occupation, domination, interference or hegemony.“Fiji is now part of the Non-Aligned Movement and is focused on its Look North policy which involves developing relationships with countries outside the southern Pacific sphere,” PM Bainimarama said, signaling .

. The inaugural Pacific Island-Arab League Summit “Prospects for Cooperation between the Arab world and the Pacific Islands” provided opportunities to discuss investment opportunities and Fiji's possible role  as a regional administrative, economic and geographical hub for Arab League activities in the Pacific. The meeting, which closes today, was attended by 13 Pacific Islands countries along and member countries of the Arab League.

A FIRST FOR FIJI AND THE PACIFIC. The Attorney-General and Minister for Communications has been appointed as a Vice Chairman for the Telecommunications Development Advisory Group (TDAG) in the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

The appointment confirmed at the World Trade Development Conference 2010 in Hyderabad, makes the Minister one of 12  people selected globally from six regions: Africa, Europe, Middle East, Americas, Russian Federation and the Asia-Pacific. Fiji and Korea will represent
he Asia-Pacific region in TDAG.

This appointment further cements Government’s intention of becoming a more active regional and international player in the global telecommunications sector.

BLOOD DONOR DAY ON SATURDAY; HAND WASHING DAY. The National Blood Service and the Ministry of Health is organising a celebration at Nausori on World Blood Donor Day this Saturday, June 26, to be opened by Dr Chen Ken, the WHO representative in the South Pacific. Participants will get the chance to hear two newly composed songs on health issues: Na Tiko Bulabula (Healthy Living) and Na Mate Rerevaki (A song about HIV/AIDS and STIs) that have been composed and produced by the Tegu ni Delai Kuitarua group from Koro Island.Later in the year, on October 15, the MOH and Colgate Palmolive will sponsor Fiji's participation in the second global "Hand Washing Day."

The idea is to get Fiji into the Guinness Book of Records by having the largest number of people washing hands at the same time at the same place. South Africa is the current champions with 1800 people recorded last year.


Arab Marco Polo - Ibn Battuta said…
The Arab Traveller Ibn Battuta (1304-c1377) was travelling all over the Arab then known world from Tangier in Morocco to Mecca by way of Syria, Baghdad, South western Iran to Yemen, East Africa,Oman and the Gulf, on to Asia Minor, the Caucasus, Southern Russia to India and the Maldives, China and back to the Maghrib. Then to Andalus (Iberian Spain) and the Sahara. He was 21 years old when he started out. In Dubai, there is a wonderful and very large Mall dedicated to him with numerous pavilions each featuring a country of his travels. Would it not be a marvellous thing were we able to construct something similar in Fiji dedicated to the Pacfic Islands and their travellers 'by the stars'? That is what may now be possible with Fiji's new non-aligned status. The Seven Wonders of the Pacific, laid out for all the world to see.....in Fiji.
Loyal Royalist said…
An interesting point has been raised by Fiji Today site. Fiji must quit the Commenwealth to be a member of the Non aligned nations.
Fiji cannot belong to both as one of the blocks that are aligned is the Commenwealth block. If Fiji has left the Commenwealth then the citizens of Fiji need to be told.
Look North said…
Ibn Battuta -

You can already find the seven wonders of the Pacific laid out for all the world to see.

It's in Shanghai...

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