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The New Women's Plan of Action (WPA) 2010-2019 will see women enjoy "equal participation at decision-making levels" that are especialy important to women. The five areasinclude: employment; decision-making;violence against women and chldren; reproductive health issues; basic services such as housing, water, sanitation and transport; and women and the Law. Minister for Women Dr Jiko Luveni (Photo FijiVillage)said the WPA will help identify directions for Government action. The initiative is is part of Government’s Roadmap for Democracy and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development (RDSSED) 2009-2014. Read more.

Valuable Up-to-Date Summary of Fiji's Economic Situation. Concise, balanced and revealing this World Bank report spells out Fiji's vulnerability to internal and external shocks, government reactions to them, and the "very difficult economic challenges" in the year ahead. Foremost among them is the need for
major structural reforms to improve the performance of the agricultural sector, most especially in the sugar industry.

If Frank Ruled the Waves
. There's one obvious error in the World Bank  report.The population is not 834 million. If it were, the South Pacific geopolitical scene would be vastly different. Fiji would be the leading Pacific Forum country, it would dictate Pacer Plus terms; it would win a Sevens rugby gold at the Delhi Commonwealth Games, and Australia and NZ would not be acting the way they have to towards their much smaller neighbour. The World Bank has added three noughts to Fiji's population and Australia and NZ have added three crosses for Fiji to carry.

Reserve Bank Governor
Sada Reddy Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF)  says the country’s road to recovery will be slow and uncertain even though there are positive signs that the worst may be over.

Why the PM is Touring the Provinces.
Some say it's to campaign for the 2014 elections. Bainimarama says it's to help build a better Fiji. He told people in Lovoni village on Ovalau that "the 1987 and 2000 upheavals took place because church ministers, chiefs and dirty politicians poisoned peoples’ minds to strengthen racism in the country" and urged the people to support the People's Charter.  He was told he was the first PM to ever visit the chiefly village. Also today, the district of Bureta presented a whales tooth to ask for forgiveness for opposing the Government when they came into power in 2006. The Prime Minister accepted the apology and urged the people to accept all the reforms his government is undertaking.

The New Biodiesel factory at Lami will soon be an important market for the coconut industry and have many benefits for the country. Some 300 vehicles are already using the product, produced by Hari Punja's Blue Gas Fiji Limited.

The Critical IMF Loan.
Government is awaiting a decision by the International Monetary Fund on whether it can borrow about US$459 million to pay for necessary but costly reforms in the Civil Service, Public Enterprises, Fiji National Provident Fund, Land and Agriculture sectors. The reforms will continue using Fiji's own resources but the IMF loan, and IMF technical expertise, would accelerate the reform programmes, and protect foreign reserves and balance of payments.

What Media "Freedom" Too Often Means
If any reader remains unconvinced that media coverage on Fiji is deeply biased,  read this report from The Australian in Business with the Wall Street Journal.  Then click on "Related Coverage" and the ten pages of "More Related Coverage" and count the number of balanced reports. Note: The Australian, Wall Street Journal and The Fiji Times are all owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Ltd.

Former Fiji Daily Post Publisher
asks when did Fiji last have media freedom.

The Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC)
investigated and laid 161 charges against 47 individuals in 2009.Some 4,365 complaints were received, of which 44 percent were resolved without going to Court. FICAC Deputy Commissioner George Langman says a major challenge was maintaining a pool of Senior Prosecutors. IICAC presently employes five Sri Lankan prosecutors.

Clever Satirical Blog.
The Namuamua Journal is back again with its first post since 2008. But it's worth waiting for. With so much dreary news about Fiji, "Frank Bainimara Weds Samoan Prime Minister, Tuitaepa Sailele" provides some light relief.

Scroll down to post with links to Walsh and Robie radio interviews.


TheMax said…
Hi Cros,

I thought you should read this:


Now we are going full circle. Very soon, we will start seeing the real culprits who masterminded all those previous coups from 1987 to 2000 exposed for everyone to see. Rabuka was merely used by failed politicians to carry out that coup. George Speight too was also used to be the mouthpiece of the 2000 coup.
Croz Walsh said…
@ The Max. Vinaka. Will expand to say more about Rabuka, and use tomorrow Friday.
Caromio said…
Have I missed something?

I haven't seen any discussion here on the so called 'Limitation of Liability for Prescribed Political Events Decree 2010', by which the Mighty One seeks to ensure his future prosperity and security.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Caromio's fantasy said…
No, Caromio, you're right, but why not ignite the discussion yourself? I think we can assume what your own views might be. Now, let me guess. That should Ratu Iloilo be dead by the time democracy returns, his remains should be interred and put on trial. And that Frank should be dragged in chains to Albert Park and immersed in boiling oil, his wife disemboweled and each of his children slowly strangled by bete in the time honoured Fijian tradition. Then Laisenia Qarase and his 2000 coup makers are allowed to dance around their remains, before parading in triumph to government house for a slap-up victory magiti. Dream on, my dear.
Save Russell Hunter said…
Croz, it's worth taking a look on Coup 4.5 at the extraordinary piece on Fiji by deported former Sun publisher Russell Hunter, who now runs the Samoa Times. For someone who's normally such an accomplished journalist, the arguments he mounts are startlingly bizarre and one sided. There are so many clangers that it's hardly worth bothering to list them all. But Hunter's claim that only a section of the business elite in Fiji supports the regime and everyone else lives in fear gives you some idea of his lamentable self delusion. You can understand that being summarily expelled from Fiji must be an upsetting experience. But with Hunter and his fellow deportee, the preposterous Michael Field, it seems to have blinded them to reality in every sense. Both have abandoned any notion of impartial reporting, make the most outrageous and unsubstantiated claims and attempt to manipulate even the most basic facts to their own agenda. Their hatred for Bainimarama, in particular, is palpable and an instructive lesson on the towering rage that can be ignited when journalists are effectively barred from their favourite watering holes, like Bad Dog and Traps. This latest offering from Russell Hunter is a very sad reflection of his steady degeneration since he moved to Apia. I gather from others that this is what Samoa can do to you if you stay too long. But I still thought Hunter might have exhibited real signs of madness much later than he has. Judging from this latest piece, the poor man needs urgent assistance and the regime should allow him back into Fiji as an act of mercy and compassion. He can do little real harm in St Giles.
Rabuka's hollow mea culpa said…
Yes, Croz, for once I agree with TheMax. Steve Rabuka's comments to Fiji Village are extraordinary and deserve the widest coverage and dissection. But his expressions of remorse about the 1987 coup would carry more credibility if he hadn't mentioned the loss of his government pension and vehicle. Rabuka is one of the most devious men in Fiji, with a Houdini like ability to worm his way out of the tightest situation. I hope his latest comments are genuine and one should certainly never underestimate the Fijian capacity for repentance and forgiveness. But I'm afraid that for me, there are just too many lingering doubts about Rabuka's part in the 2000 mutiny for his mea culpa to be taken as seriously as it might be. Is raising his loss of pension in the same breath the real give-away here? I suspect so. Of anyone on the national scene, this guy carries the biggest weight of responsibility for Fiji's steady decline over the past 23 years. A whole generation has now grown up without any experience of "Fiji the Way it Was". And it was Rabuka who started the cycle of coups that have brought Fiji to its knees. Has he finally realised his malignant role in the country's history? Hmmm. I wonder.
Crump the chump said…
Croz, just had a chance to hear your latest interview on National Radio. I'm sorry but I still think Bryan Crump is a chump. He's the perfect example of that old adage about a little knowledge being dangerous. Instead of being across the subject matter, he knows just enough to rattle the cage, and sometimes rattle you, but not enough to engage in a meaningful and illuminating discussion. I was left feeling a bit like one did in the 80s when confronted by a plate of "nouvelle cuisine". Is that all there is? Less than satisfying despite your own sterling efforts.
Sorry my dear said…
My regrets Caromio. It's 2.30 am and I should have said you'd want Ratu Iloilo's remains exhumed, not interred. It's time I was interred, I know.
caromio said…
@Sorry my dear said...

No need for that darling, you take yourself far too seriously as it is.....just curious, thats all....I accept that just like the anti blogs, the apologists aren't too keen on exposing all the dirty laundry....
Wave Bye Bye Birdie said…
Frank rule the waves? No.

He waives the rules.
Frankies glee club said…
Poor old frank what's his name again should be a big hit at the Commonwealth Games in India, And of course he will be a special guest at the rugby world Cup in NZ. Not!

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