Live Concert in Aid of Hurricane Victims

Live Concert in aid of  Hurricane Tomas victims,  24 April,  2-9 pm, Vodofone Arena.  Sponsored the National University of Fiji and others.  Click here for full details.


I can hear a pin drop said…
Interested in the lack of comment about the recent finding that 45 per cent of Fiji citizens live under the poverty line.
Croz Walsh said…
@ Pin drop. I have a long acquaintance with social statistics in Fiji and for this reason I'm waiting until I've seen the HIES report, and would advise you to do likewise. I've little doubt the poverty situation has worsened. My guess is you blame this on Government. I'd like to hear your explanations together with a short resume of your social stats experience.
Croz Walsh said…
@ Pin Drop. You haven't replied. My Thursday post provides a little more information.
The Pin said…
Croz, you might want to check the spelling of "hurricane" again.

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