A-G on Draft Media Decreee

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Fiji junta exposed said…
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Ai Yaso said…
The Media Decree by the illegal junta is solely aimed in curtailing freedom of the press and the decimation of the Fiji Times establishment. These power hungry thugs are so conniving that they leaked this Decree in advance to Media outlets who were sympathetic to their cause, but withheld it from Fiji Times and Fiji TV 1 until 8am on Wednesday morning with 2 ½ hours to read before consultations begun.

They are a bunch of cowards who find solace and strength in the company of others. One only has to look at their personal bodyguards 24/7. That is the reality on the ground unlike the garbage coming out of Aiyarse’s mouth!
welcome to Pacific zimbabwe said…
Sorry croz
Thought it was fact that Riyaz is ayarse's brother and they are both supporting the illegal regime destroying the very fabric of Fiji. Forgot that you also are a coup apologist and military glee club sponsor.
As for the dictator and unelected PM telling us that abrogation of the constitution has brought growth????
The only things that have grown are the egos of idiots coup perpetrators and prices ordinary fijians pay for basic food items eg butter goes up 50% tomorrow!!!!
welcome to the Pacific zimbabwe!!!
Sa oti na'i valavala dina said…
Croz, this is all part of a renewed and sustained fight back by the regime's opponents after months, indeed three years of setbacks. The arguments are always the same but don't address the fundamental issues here; that after three years, the opposition has been unable to coalesce in any viable sense, let alone mount a challenge to the regime. All the chest thumping, the exclamation marks, the hysterical upper case ranting, really amounts to nought. These guys haven't go their act together at all so what we're seeing is irritating static. They can't even organise a fart after a fiery curry let alone a popular uprising in Fiji. So they're reduced to swinging their boci in the comment columns of sites like yours. An utterly flaccid and pointless display in every sense, and proof of what the rest of us have known for a long time; that it's all over bar the shouting. I don't even know why I'm bothering to comment about the above entries but someone has to turn out the lights.

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