(o) Tradition of Village Inspections Revived

 An old age tradition of village inspections is being carried out in Nadi.
This after the Tikina Council decided to restore what used to be a monthly practice.  

At the chiefly of Narewa, the home of the ‘Tui Nadi’, village headman Samu Tuidraki said, “is a breath of fresh air”. He said what made it more special was that the women of Saunaka Village were given the task to carry out the inspection. The objective was restoring healthy living practices and environment friendly attitude in the community.

“It is a happy day for the people of Narewa. It’s been a long time coming,” said Mr Tuidraki, who is the younger brother of Nadi special administrator, Aisea Tuidraki. He said the village inspection was supposed to be conducted on Tuesday. “Other villages have done theirs. We moved it to today because of other commitments.”

The 12 women of Saunaka were divided in three groups to cater for the three village tribes. The inspection started at around 10am after a traditional welcoming ceremony. 

Mr Tuidraki said they had been cleaning the village for two weeks as they anticipated a tough scrutiny from the women of Saunaka.
“We are thankful to the Nadi Town Council, the district officer’s office and the Nadi Rural health department for their assistance.
The ministry of health provided the mosquito spray.” He thanked the villagers of Narewa for taking the initiative to clean their own compounds. “It’s a beginning of a new thing,” he said. Mr Tuidraki said, the village is made up of 141 houses with the population of more than 800 people, most are tourism dependant. -- Fiji Sun. Photo: Janice Dunn.


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