Map: Houses Totally Destroyed


Proud fijian said…
I find it quite surprising that Vanua balavu (the Island of former PM Qarase) lost more houses than the whole of Vanua Levu.

Lakeba which is around the same size as Vanua Balavu only 1 is quite good.
Interesting data.
SDAW said…
Useful analysis! Interesting to see that it is no where near the Yasawas, Mananucas, Coral Coast and the major touristy areas. I hope tourists stop trying to cancel their holidays.

Have you seen Michael Field's article on Stuff?

I highly doubt that anyone is going to let them starve.
joe said…
@ Proud fijian
Ratu Sir Kamisese cared for his people and Qarase was too busy buying shares for his family and himself. Lol

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