Hurricane Status Update: 3.30pm - Fiji Times Online

Hurricane Status Update: 3.30pm - Fiji Times Online


Allen said…
We waited for Tomas in Lautoka, but it never came. Just glad we may have been spared. We've been trying to get in touch with relatives on Taveuni and Qamea but no luck. Event satellite phones are down. Tomas hovered for 7 hours in that vicinity and has been very unpredictable. The weather guys are having a hard time with predictions. Its very hot and humid.

After midday the play ground in Waiyavi Lautoka was full of rugby and soccer players. It looked as if there was no hurricane or danger in Fiji. Life just goes on. But there are some people who are still making their homes safe just in case Tomas turns towards us.
Perfect storm said…
Whether or not you support the legitimacy of the current government, it is, at least, an efficient government judging from its response thus far to Hurricane Tomas. The organisation and pre-planning from the PM down has been exemplary and is instilling at least some degree of confidence in a frightened populace. It helps, of course, to have a military dictatorship at a time of national crisis like this. No bureaucratic paralysis or indecision, just orders barked out and obeyed. Vinaka.
Pedants corner said…
Whatever his strengths as a forecaster, that Rajendra Prasad at the Fiji National Weather Centre can't spell. All the cyclone warnings for the past couple of days mention "phenominal" seas instead of phenomenal seas. And that spelling has been picked up by local media outlets including those who should know better at the Fiji Times. Call me pedantic at such a time but is it too much for the Fiji weather experts to take note of the red line warning of the spell check on their computers even if they can't spell themselves?

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