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Hurricane Tomas. News from Fiji is understandably focused -- as are all the people irrespective of their political views -- on Tropical Cyclone (now upgraded to Hurricane) Tomas that will bring gale force winds 280km from its centre, and winds gusting to over 200km/hour, across most of the group. People in the most exposed areas are moving into evacuation centres, everyone has been advised to store water, and tomorrow Monday schools will be closed, buses will not be running, and the civil service will stay at home. Click map to enlarge.

(o-) More on Rinakama. This is what Coupfourpointfive reported: "It's believed Rinakama could not hold back his emotions and anger at the way his chief was arrested, charged with trumped up charges, unfairly tried and sentenced to prison, that he verbally lashed out at soldiers gathered outside the Suva High Court complex following the sentencing. He was arrested a short time later at the home of Takaveikata, in Toorak, Suva."

While verbally lashing out at authorities anywhere is not a wise reaction and explains his arrest, his subsequent treatment, although apparently in order under the Public Emergency Regulations, cannot be justificied acording to any moral code on justice.  His treatment is, in fact, the flip side of the 2006 Coup that was illegal but, according to some, morally justified. In other words, justice is more important than the law. If this applied to the Coup, it also applies to the treatment of Rinakama.

(o) The European Union (EU) has extended all its development assistance sanctions on Fiji by another six months until October 2010, local media reported Friday.This is the second time this has been done by the EU. The EU said in a statement that "it has decided to extend the existing appropriate measures for Fiji in order to create a window of opportunity for new consultations."

(+) Poor Government Shipping Services. A committee headed by Navy Commander Francis Kean has found that poor leadership, a lack of commitment, and sloppy, expensive use by government ministries (who will now have to pay upfront) led to the decline of Fiji's Government Shipping Services.

The anti-government blog Intelligentsiya thinks the report should be ignored because Kean is Bainimarama's brother-in-law, who was last year found guilty of manslaughter and later returned as head of the navy. I also thought his reinstatement too hasty, but this should not detract from what the Committee, not Kean, reported.

(+) Fiji’s long-criticised public service is headed for a turnaround in service delivery and public perception says permanent secretary to the Public Service Commission Parmesh Chand. Chand said work on reforms to the civil service is well on track with a greater emphasis on creating a leaner, more dynamic and efficient public service.

(o) People's Charter. Useful post on Progress and Problems.


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