Church Leaders Should Heed PM’s message: Fiji Sun

The  Sun's  editorial on the government and the Methodist church will be dismissed by some because of Fiji's several newspapers it is known to most favour government. But the message makes sense, and most of the points made are well known already.

Government is not opposed to the church; only its politicalization and use by extreme Fijian nationalists. The editorial, commenting on Bainimarama's meeting with church leaders on Monday, said: "All that the Prime Minister wants from them is to get away from politics. To instead serve the needs of their members as a church. We all know that the church was used by some in the past to push their own political agendas. Certain politicians used the church. Certain church leaders were politicians more than men of God. We all know there were divisions in the church over this."

The editorial concluded: "We pray and hope that there will be a positive reaction from all the church leaders to Commodore Bainimarama’s message. The way forward now is to build a better Fiji. The Methodist Church and all its people should be part of this."

Many others would hope so also, but it won't happen unless the two most political churchmen, Speight Coup supporters, the Revs Tomasi Kanailagi and Manasa Lasaro (photo), step down, and I'd be surprised if they will do so voluntarily.                                                                               Photo: Solivakasama.

STOP PRESS. Fiji Live reports that Methodist Church President Reverend Ame Tugaue and his General Secretary Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu have been asked to step down. A good start but  even if they agree, this still leaves Kanailagi and Lasaro.


joe said…
There are many denominations of the Christian faith in Fiji, let alone others like Sanatan, Arya Samaj, Muslims, Sikhs etc. Why are these Methodists so deeply entrenched in politics, when they should supposedly be preaching the word of God? Why are you people fighting a loosing battle for loosers like Kanailagi etc knowing full well that Frank will take no BS? For the good of the Methodist church, get rid of these morons. I have heard today that the Methodist constitution does not allow sacking of the current officials. Do you really have such document that supercedes the Bible?
Seems that you people are followers of Judas and not Jesus. Good luck fellas, but your demise is guaranteed.
Liu Muri said…
Well said, Joe. I must commend Fiji Sun, who some may say is my twin brother Liu Muri 2 for sleeping with the Military regime. But no, I feel Fiji Sun is being realistic and realises the role of media in a developing country. Fiji is not yet a first world where its church can indulge in naked, racist and divisive politics as Methodist Church was involved in. Just check the records of election 2006 and see how the consortium of Churches put a paid ad in the papers DURING THE ELECTION TIME, (thus breaking the law in campaigning after election begins)throwing in fear mongering based on religion and virtually saying if Qarase, a Christian, was not voted in, a catastrophe will his Fiji. They were wrong. Qarase WAS voted in and yet, the "tsunami” they were warning off still hit SDL and its jaundiced leadership. Church should look at spiritual salvation. Leave politics to politicians.
Good on you Fiji Sun, in light of circumstances, I call it a very credible and realistic editorial. Keep it up, karua Leone and Peter
Rising sun said…
Yes the Fiji Sun is easily the most sensible media outlet in the country, whether or not you think it's a lackey of the regime. Why? Because it operates effectively within the constraints imposed by the regime with a solid daily output of informative fact and comment. Cabenatabua and Lomas haven't forget their readers in stark conrast to Rika and Fussell over at the Fiji Times. We don't care too much about their censorship struggles with the regime. All we want is a good read for our money and the Fiji Sun sure beats the hell out of the Fiji Times on that front any day of the week.

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