Breaking News: Methodists Have Rethink

Radio Fiji reports that senior Methodist ministers have asked those named by government as "political" to step down.


Unchristian Methodists said…
I believe this account of some Methodist ministers asking the church hierarchy and the claque of notorious troublemakers to go. But I don't believe for one moment that they will. These guys are among the most wily, conniving, cunning, manipulative people in Fijian society. They've twisted the bible to justify the crudest and most appalling excesses of the indigenous extremist cause. They'll do nothing to surrender their power and influence in the church no matter what spin is put on it. Unless, of course, those around them finally realise they've been used for too long and force them out. But I've yet to see any sign of that. The Methodists are in the thrall of a form of modern draunikau in which the Christian message of love has been replaced by fear and hatred.
joe said…
Well said M8. I cant believe that they have 300,000 members. It is almost half the population of Fiji. Can you imagine living in a country where every second person is a moron? As per international laws, this satanic bunch should be declared a terrorist group and effectively liquidated. Who needs such idiots in a modern society?
Agnostic Infidel said…
Too true Joe. 300,000 morons. It’s a good job for them that society has outlawed euthanasia, leaving them free to breed and pass on their bigoted message to their children.

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