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(+G) Tribunal to Discipline Civil Servants

Fiji Live reports another step in the Government's "clean up" campaign: a tribunal to hear serious cases within the civil service.

A Public Service Disciplinary Tribunal will be established soon to speed up the Fiji Governments’ initiatives in achieving an accountable and professional Public Service. Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said the most time consuming cases are mainly the disciplinary cases from various ministries and departments. These cases are partly heard or deferred to a later date, due to the time consuming process of disposal, each case takes. He said over the years, the Public Service Commission has been dealing with various cases in the Public Service, most of which had to be heard over two to three days or more to conclude.

“Further delays are caused since the more important pressing cases that urgently require the Commission’s decisions takes precedence over the disciplinary cases.” He said that the establishment of the tribunal will provi…

(o) Media RoundUp; Bloggers Rodeo

POSTSCRIPT: Driti denies rumours. Click here.
Mere McCutchan's Parrot
There's something unreal about recent reports from Fiji, as the mainstream media, limited by Government censorship, continue to publish mainly inconsequential non-news articles in protest against media restrictions, or in place of the articles they'd like to write. Take, for example, the front-page feature in yesterday's on line Fiji Times --- Mere McCutcheon's parrot. "Mere McCutchan had just awoken and was preparing breakfast yesterday when she heard something outside ......"

True, the paper did have a small feature on shops and businesses returning to normal business hours (highlighted by Fiji Village) and on a possible apology to former Methodist Church president Rev. Josateki Koroi,* but these serious items were accompanied by another non-news item, "Full House for Harry Potter."

Fiji Village had more "news" coverage with items on the business hours (the emergency …

(o+) Biketawa Says Address "Underlying Causes": Somare

UPDATE 22 July 2009. The blog Stuckinfijimud has an interesting article by Jenny Hayward-Jones entitled "Is the MSG a Threat to Pacific Unity?" in which she points to contradictory comments coming from MSG members.

The Biketawa Declaration should be the compass for the Melanesian Spearhead Group as leaders examine ways and means of assisting Fiji return to democracy, says Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare. “As we try to examine ways and means of assisting Fiji and bringing it back to democracy our compass must be the Biketawa Declaration which we all committed ourselves to,” he said while addressing the MSG in Vanuatu.

“The Biketawa Declaration calls us to "take action on the basis of all members being part of the Pacific Islands extended family’.”He said Fiji was a member of the family.“Biketawa also instructs us to address 'underlying causes of tensions and conflict'. Not simply addressing the symptoms of conflict,” he said -- Fiji Sun

(-) The Moral Gutting of Fiji ..... Narsey

In a 15-page but well spaced article, USP Economics Professor Waden Narsey takes every one the Government's actions and stated intentions to pieces, nut by nut and bolt by bolt. He covers the whole institutional scene, from the President down to social and sports organizations, showing how, in his opinion, the whole of Fiji society is unravelling. Along the way he has harsh words to say about those who, for various reasons, have offered the Bainimarama regime support. The full article may be read on a number of anti-Government blogs, and on MediaFire by clicking here.This post has been abbreviated due to its availability elsewhere.

(o+) Somare on Fiji Situation

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare has given his full support to Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and his new road map for Fiji.

In an interview with the Grand Chief yesterday, a day after the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) meet in Vanuatu, he said just like his counterparts he was pleased that the Fijian leader was there to brief them personally on the situation in Fiji." We've heard from the Fijian leader of the situation in Fiji and I fully support the new road map," Sir Michael said."I am pleased and grateful that we are able to have in our midst our colleague from Fiji and he should be rest assured that the MSG supports him."

Speaking on the issue of Fiji’s suspension from the Pacific Islands Forum and the Commonwealth Sir Michael said he would totally oppose the move. “I for one do not believe that such an action is helpful to the process of returning Fiji to the democratic fold. I will oppose such moves.”He told his MSG counter…

(o) Australia Takes, Pacific Gives in Trade Talks: How Free is Free Trade?

Roderick Ewins* writes favourably of Adam Wolfenden's article we published earlier (see "Why the Rush over PACER?") and adds his own warning about what "free trade" may mean for Pacific Islanders' "rights."

This is a truly insightful article by one who is deeply immersed in the struggle to secure fairness in the trade area, and is justifiably afraid that the Pacific islands are on the point of being gulled into accepting a deal that is anything BUT fair. It is somewhat ironic that Fiji has been frozen out of the talks that are promoting this imbalance, by the very proponents of it, Australia and NZ. As a result, Fiji might, with a bit of luck, escape what others may be sucked into.

Back in 2004 I wrote to the anthropology community describing my great misgivings at Australia (under Howard of course) signing a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US. My fears were that from what I had been able to glean, under such agreements Aboriginal rights (or ind…

(o) Honiara's and Auckland's Gain; Fiji's Loss

While congratulations are due to Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi and Dr Sitiveni Ratuka who are to take up overseas appointments shortly, their "on site" clear thinking will be a loss to Fiji at this (apparently never ending) critical time.

Rt Joni, former Vice-President, former High Court judge and a prominent lawyer, has a 15-month (plus a possible further 9) appointment to the Solomon Islands Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Honiara -- an experience that should prove useful in Fiji!

USP's Dr Ratuva, the Pacific's foremost political sociologist and a long-time commentator and columnist on Fiji's politics, has accepted a secondment at the University of Auckland. We look forward to seeing him being interviewed by NZTV and the Maori TV soon! His Fiji: Multiple Battlelines: Who is Winning?feature is a "must," as is Ratu Joni's "Fiji in 2001". Write "Ratu Joni" in "Search this Blog", then click on the box "Background mat…

(oG) Fiji’s Right to Regional Talks Acknowledged

ThisFijiLive posting enlarges on the earlier release of Melanesian Spearhead Group support for what Bainimarama is trying to do. It is an important post, dealing with regional trade, but because it has been vetted by censors it becomes more a Government statement than a media release.