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Last Week in Fiji: Third Week of March

The week started with two minor parties insulting PNG's Sir Rabbie Namaliu and ended with molotov cocktail attacks on two homes. The rays of hope from the previous week's Political Party Leaders' meeting were soon blotted out as Fiji A and Fiji B again took turns to bat on a heavily trampled field with no umpires. 

Wed.18th.  "They're At It Again. This Time Sir Rabbie".  Two minor parties,  the CAMV and the General Voters' Party, criticized the nomination of PNG's Sir Rabbie Namaliu as chair of the PPDF, calling him a puppet to white Australia and New Zealand. PNG took offence and Sir Rabbie withdrew his nomination. Later, Mahendra Chaudhry siad he hoped Sir Rabbie would reconsider. The incident was aggrevated, if not caused, by poor reporting by the media. Sir Rabbie had been nominated, not appointed. PNG thought the Interim Government had made the remarks when in fact they had  nominated Sir Rabbie,who appeared to have the support of all exce…

(o) The Fourth Wise Man: Ratu Madraiwiwi

Former Vice-President Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi is a high-ranking chief, a prominent lawyer, and a intelligent, fair, clear-thinking man who has won the respect of people from many backgrounds and persuasions. The Roko Tui Bau is a great great-grandson of Ratu Seru Cakobau who ceded Fiji to the British Crown and a nephew of Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna, the architect of modern Fijian administration. 
Ratu Joni is a Fijian who believes in the equality of all races and all citizens; a chief who recognizes the need for chiefly and political reform; a Christian who respects those who hold other beliefs; and a lawyer trained to listen to others, ponder causes, consequences and linkages, speak with moderation, and respect the law.  He is also a warm, kind hearted man. I can think of no one in Fiji for whom I have greater respect -- although some postings on this blogsite show that in some matters our opinions differ.
Ratu Joni makes no bones about his political position. The 2006 Coup was illegal; the Int…

Reactions to the Bombings: Press Headlines and Comments

Symbols (- o +), see Notices at bottom of page. Photo of Police. Fiji Village
UPDATE 24 March:Calls continue for Government to condemn the attacks even after it has done so. Yesterday Interim Defence Minister Ratu Epeli Ganilau said "such cowardly acts will never be condoned and police will do all they can to make sure those responsible are brought to justice." Today he said, “At this point in time, we do not know who was behind the attack or [if it was] politically motivated or not. These people are unknown to the police and for all we know, this could be a move to discredit the government.” Fiji Live. Calls continue also for the military to condemn the attacks. Fiji Live reports "Information Dep.Sec. MajorNeumi Leweni saying people should stop pointing fingers at the military, and if they have evidence, they should take that information to the police who are conducting the investigations." He said the military will assist police if required and have condemned the a…

(+) From Stones to Rocks and Rocks to Molotov Cocktails

UPDATE (Events since the main post was written)
In the early hours of Sunday morning, 22 March,  the homes of (former Colonel) Sakiusa Raivoce, a security firm recruiter for Iraq ,  and Fiji Times chief editor Netani Rika were attacked by molotov cocktails (bottles filled with an inflammatory liquid, and fitted with a wick). Rika says he (and Fiji) know who the attackers were. Raivoce said he did not, but said the attackers fled in the direction of Nabua (and the military barracks). Police are treating the attacks as "serious" and possibly linked to previous incidents.  
It is possibly significant that earlier, on Monday 16th, anti-Government blogger Raw Fiji News claimed to know from "within the military" that Raivoce was "on the stone-throwing hit list ...[adding] ...The recent spate of cowardly violence by some grown-up indigenous Fijian men, believed to be soldiers, is all planned by Ului Mara, Pita Driti, Epeli Ganilau and Frank Bainimarama." 

It is no…