(+) "Sayed-Khaiyum and Tappoos Strike Deal": What Deal?

Forgive the grammar but it gets curiouser and curiouser this almost daily manufacturing of non-news bent on showing just how rotten the Fiji Goverment is. Now Coupfourpointfive reports what it calls a "clear case of conflict of interest."

Here's the  story. Attorney-General Sayed-Khaiyum's family investment company has sold a "personal property, including a large residential block of prime land in the heart of Suva city to business tycoon Tappoo Group of Companies...The price remains undisclosed [but] Coupfourpointfive has established that it was sold at an inflated price, in return for concessions and benefits from Sayed-Khaiyum who is also tourism minister."

Come on. Where's the "clear" conflict of interest? Why should the price be disclosed? How did your informant know an "undisclosed" price was "inflated"? Where was he sitting when he heard Khaiyum and Tappoo discuss "concessions and benefits"? You do nothing for your cause by publishing weak stories like this, based presumably on rumour, speculation and prior bias, and nothing for your blog's credibility.


Anonymous said…
Maybe it's a conspiracy that the people of Nadroga (Tappoo and Sayed-Khaiyum are from this province)are busy trying to buy up Suva in order to take it over? That's how preposterous this whole story is.
Anonymous said…
Yet another example of why Coup 4.5 should join Raw Fiji News, Solivakasama and a whole lot of other drivel in the internet shame file. The more desperate they get, the more lies they peddle.
Anonymous said…
Why do they call themselves Coup Four and a Half? Because they're always shortchanging their readers!
Anonymous said…
These people choose NOT to know what a conflict of interest is. They are not as dumb as they so often appear. Conflicting interests are avoided by: declaring them if they might be perceived to be so or transparently 'blowing the interests up' for all to see. The innate deceit of so many is revealed daily. Their envy, their greed and their conspicuous lack of informed judgement. We need more self-actualised persons in Fiji able to make their own considered and educated judgements on a whole range of human endeavour. We need them fast.

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